Best VR Headset for Roblox 2022

Virtual reality seems to be the future of the gaming world, and Roblox offers players an interactive gaming experience. Until a few years ago, these VR headsets were inaccessible and unaffordable. However, with time, and technological advancements, PlayStation VR headsets are easily accessible, and it doesn’t break a back to get one.

Getting the right headset for Roblox gaming can be challenging. Various products dominate the gaming market, each with its benefits and drawbacks, and it can be difficult to choose. If you’re looking for the best Roblox VR headset, never worry; we’ve done some excellent research. We’ve included the best VR headsets compatible with Roblox in this review. This way, you find it easy to select your best choice.

Below, you’ll learn about the best VR headsets for Roblox. We’ll introduce you to the features of each product, with the pros and cons, for an extensive overview. In addition, we’ve provided helpful tips if you need to conduct personal research before making a purchase.

Without further ado, let’s unveil the best VR headsets for Roblox.

Top 4 Best VR Headsets for Roblox 2022

  1. Meta Quest 2 – Best Standalone Immersive VR Experience
  2. Oculus Rift S – Best Budget
  3. HTC VIVE Pro – Best High-End Resolution
  4. SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ – Best Windows Mixed Reality Headset

Meta Quest 2

Our first pick is the Meta Quest 2 standalone VR headset. This headset is the revised version of the Oculus Quest 2 VR headset. It’s compatible with Roblox, affordable, and great for both newbies and experienced players.

The Meta Quest 2 offers an immersive VR experience without docking your phone or getting tethered to a computer. It has a high resolution of 1832 by 1920 (per eye), ensuring a sharp display. Also, a 120 Hz refresh rate of the Meta Quest means better motion tracking.

You can experience natural movements through intuitive controllers that translate those movements into the virtual environment so your interactions feel natural. Also, the guardian boundary prevents you from real-world harm, even if you’re playing a dangerous mission. It’s lightweight, adjustable, and uses realistic graphics and real-time responses to your movements.

This headset comes with 128 GB of storage. However, you can choose the 256 GB version as well. The Meta Quest 2 VR headset comes with 2x touch controllers, a silicon cover, a power adapter, a glasses spacer, a charging cable, and 2 x AA batteries.

While you don’t require a console or PC, it requires wifi, a mobile device, and an app to set up.


  • Easy to operate
  • Powerful processor
  • Doesn’t require cables
  • Great gaming experience
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Short battery life

Oculus Rift S

Thinking about the best VR headsets for Roblox without considering the Oculus Rift S is almost impossible. Although it’s among the first VR headsets, it’s still enough to treat you to an incredible Roblox experience.

The Oculus Rift S is one of the best virtual reality headsets compatible with Roblox. It’s affordable, has an extensive gaming library, and offers vivid colors without screen-door effects.

Users enjoy a high-quality gaming experience worth every penny spent on this headset. Unlike some VR headsets, setting up the Oculus Rift S is easy, making it ideal for beginners. Plus, it’s comfortable and transports your actions realistically into the game, all thanks to the updated touch controllers.

The Oculus VR gaming library allows you to access hundreds of games and other exclusives available on the Oculus store. Moreover, you’ll always keep your head in the game, as the Halo headband is designed with speed in mind. Also, the Oculus Rift S comes with two touch controllers that allow your gestures to appear realistically in the virtual reality world.

With a passthrough camera on the headset, you can view the room around you instead of estimating where obstacles are in the real world. This makes it easy to change boundaries if you aren’t convenient with the present space.

Although the Oculus Rift S may cost more than the previous version, it’s affordable for its value. Some drawbacks to this headset are that it requires four USB ports for full functionality, and it might not be compatible with all computers. Aside from this, you’re good to go with this affordable VR headset compatible with Roblox.


  • Good optics
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great for beginners
  • Dual touch controllers
  • Doesn’t require external sensors


  • Not compatible with all computers
  • Requires a computer with four available USB outputs


This is the most expensive VR headset on our list. The HTC VIVE Pro ushers you into an interactive virtual world and provides the next generation’s gaming experience. If you’re looking to play virtual games in high-resolution graphics, the HTC VIVE Pro is ideal for you.

This virtual reality headset lets you play VR games on its highly precise tracking system. Install the four tracking components, and get access to host multiple gamers in one virtual environment. In terms of gaming immersion, the HTC VIVE Pro excels.

With this device, you can awesomely experience virtual reality. The HTC VIVE Pro offers a high resolution and improved pixel density, which means sharper graphics, text, and an amazing viewing experience. Also, its high-quality precision tracking allows you to stay in the moment, as it provides 360° movement coverage.

This headset for Roblox is comfortable, even when playing for a long time. Although the HTC VIVE Pro is more expensive than others on our list, it’s worth every penny. It features a high-quality output and a fantastic built-in audio system. Plus, the extra camera sensors in front allow for better gesture and motion calibration.

Furthermore, the VIVEPORT INFINITY offers you two months of unlimited virtual reality play. You can also watch movies and use virtual reality apps with this package. In general, the HTC VIVE PRO is outstanding and one of the best VR headsets that work with Roblox. We recommend you check it out.


  • High resolution
  • Flawless tracking
  • Inbuilt headphones
  • Compelling design and sound
  • Comfortable, even for long sessions


  • Pricey
  • Average refresh rate


The SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ rounds up our top four list of the best VR headsets for Roblox. Although this may not be the most powerful headset on our list, it runs pretty well on Roblox.

This VR headset offers crisp and sharp images, thanks to the 3K dual AMOLED screens. Also, it features an ultra-high resolution of 2880 x 1600 pixels, with a 110-wide view, for a great viewing experience.

You get to experience unique 360° spatial sound by AKG, allowing you to hear sounds like in the real world. The inside tracking system delivers accurate movement, allowing players to move around the room without external sensors. Also, the motion controllers translate your gestures from real life into the virtual environment in a precise manner.

Furthermore, this VR headset device gives you access to unlimited free games from the StreamVR library and Windows MR store. Installing the SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ is easy, as it only takes a few minutes. The SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ uses a USB cable and an HDMI cable for setup, and the controllers have LEDs that ensure tracking of hand movements.

This is a cheap VR headset to play Roblox and is the best Windows Mixed Reality VR headset. You can try out this headset and enjoy a seamless VR experience.


  • Supports Bluetooth
  • Mixed reality system
  • Removable face pads
  • Inbuilt AKG headphones
  • Good design and ergonomics


  • Cable is too short
  • Refresh rate could be better

Buying Guide: Things to Consider When Choosing the Best VR Headset for Roblox

Due to the many VR headsets available, it may be challenging for a beginner to navigate the market. VR headsets are not cheap, and no one wants to purchase a device that isn’t satisfactory. Therefore, newbies and experienced gamers need to understand how VR headsets work. If you’re confused about how to select the best headset, this buying guide will help you.


Checking the specifications of the VR headset you want to purchase can help you make better decisions. If you have a powerful gaming PC, your gaming experience will improve.

A powerful gaming PC and headset help you play your games smoothly without lagging. Plus, it can prevent you from having motion sickness.


Wearing a comfortable VR headset helps you enjoy your gaming experience. Therefore, you must consider comfort when choosing VR headsets for Roblox. Choose a VR headset with an ergonomic design.

Check out the type of materials used in building the product. Some VR headsets exert pressure on your face, which isn’t ideal and can stress the face, causing fatigue. Therefore, while navigating the market, ensure you for a comfortable headset that allows you to enjoy your game.


Consider if the device is within your budget. If a VR headset is expensive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best for you. Also, an inexpensive headset doesn’t mean it’s a wrong choice. Most times, several factors determine the price of a Roblox VR headset.

For example, the resolution, refresh rate, and tracking method can determine a VR headset’s price. Also, note that VR compatibility with computers is also a factor in determining the price of a VR headset. Most times, expensive VR headsets require costly computers to perform optimally.

If you’re okay with giving up some high-end features, you should go for budget headsets. However, you may have to increase your budget if you want a VR headset with all the perks.

Wireless or Wired

This depends on your preference. Some require a USB-C cable, power cable, HDMI cable, or data cable. While some are wireless, allowing you more freedom. If you want something stronger and lasts longer, you should go for wired VR headsets. However, wireless headsets are the safest and work fine without restriction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About VR Headsets for Roblox

How do I enable VR mode on Roblox?

Enabling VR mode on Roblox isn’t difficult. To do this, click the hamburger icon on the upper left side of the screen or press the escape key on your keyboard so that the system menu can appear. After this, enable VR mode by switching on the VR option.

Can VR hurt the eyes?

Although VR can be exciting, wearing VR headsets for too long may be bad for your eyes. These devices are always near the eyes, and you may start to feel uncomfortable after wearing them for long. The American Academy of Ophthalmology says that staring too much at a VR headset screen for prolonged periods can cause eye fatigue. This is because you tend to blink less when on a VR headset than you would without it. As a result, your eyes can become dry, causing fatigue.

How can I make a VR game in Roblox?

To develop a virtual reality game in Roblox, you’ll need to learn Lua programming since it’s the Roblox programming language. Doing this may seem intimidating; however, Roblox offers a developer forum where you can exchange ideas to help each other. Use the forum to improve your knowledge and create VR Roblox games you can share with peers.

Which VR headset for Roblox is the most expensive?

Presently, you’ll find many high-end VR headset devices that are expensive. It’s not compulsory to go for the most costly option. Consider your exact needs. If you’re unsure, you can visit the buying guide section in this article for help. Many VR headsets for Roblox offer fantastic performance without necessarily being expensive.


VR gaming is becoming more popular, and Roblox offers a good gaming experience on its platform. The best VR headsets for Roblox aren’t necessarily expensive. In this list, we’ve included some budget options like the Oculus Rift S and Meta Quest 2. These devices offer you an immersive virtual reality experience.

Alternatively, you can opt for the SAMSUNG HMD Odyssey+ with in-built AKG headphones, giving you excellent sound. While the HTC VIVE Pro seems the most expensive, its average refresh rate of 90Hz may turn gamers off. However, if you want the best high-end resolution, we’ll recommend the HTC VIVE Pro.

Finally, you should expect better upgrades to these VR headsets and more games with VR compatibility in the future.

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