Best VR Headsets For Unreal Engine

With the right VR headset, using Unreal Engine for game designing and other fields such as architecture, film-making, and television can be really lucrative.

In case you didn’t know this, Unreal Engine is a powerful VR development tool for building games with an immersive experience, stunning visual design, and augmented reality simulations. It is famously used to create games like Mortal Kombat 11 and Robo Recall, which has gained high popularity among gamers. 

Since it is such an expansive technology, Unreal Engine requires good quality computer systems and gaming accessories. So, beside high-resolution PC monitors and gaming consoles, you must select the best VR headset to take full advantage of its incredible simulations. 

However, choosing the best VR headset might be challenging, given the numerous headsets available on the market with varied features. To help you with that, here’s a list of the best VR headsets compatible with Unreal Engine.

Best VR Headsets For Unreal Engine

Purchasing a good VR headset can improve the experience manifold by increasing the resolution and providing better connectivity and navigation. Some VR headsets also offer additional features that help in different kinds of simulations and VR game development. Here are the nine best VR headsets that do it all:

1. Best For Image Quality- Oculus Meta Quest 2 VR Headset 

The Oculus Quest 2 is a tethered VR headset that offers better resolution at an affordable price. It has a high-resolution display of 1280 x 1440, perfect for avoiding a screen door effect while using Unreal Engine. Paired with an LCD which makes the image quality brighter and more comprehensible, the Oculus Quest 2 is a gamer’s favourite.

This standalone headset is a perfect fit for Virtual Reality due to its finger tracking, 3D positional audio, and haptic feedback that contribute to an immersive experience. It has a refresh rate of 80 Hz for a seamless connection, which is good enough to reduce motion sickness in most people.

Moreover, it offers both high-quality front and peripheral vision, which is optimal for viewing architectural and film designs from different angles. What’s more, this VR headset is lighter than most products on the market, so it doesn’t feel bulky when you wear it.


This Quest 2 model has a low refresh rate which can cause motion sickness and other sensory issues if used for extended periods. 


With excellent image quality and easy-to-use Guardian boundary, this VR headset from Oculus is an affordable solution for gamers and other professionals. You can now experience the best VR technology, including Unreal Engine, without having to use any PC or console. All in all, this portable VR headset is user-friendly and convenient for regular use.

2. HTC Vive Cosmos VR Headset– Best For Large Field Of View

HTC has developed some of the most reliable VR headsets on the market, which are compatible with Unreal Engine. Although the HTC Vive Cosmos is quite expensive for the average gamer, it has the highest resolution among all other tethered VR headsets. With a 2880×1700 combined resolution and an LCD screen, you can get a smooth visual experience. 

Moreover, the built-in LCD screen of HTC Vive Cosmos can reduce the screen door effect and improve finer details. With a good refresh rate of 90 Hz to lower latency, this is a must-have for professional projects in architecture, interior design, and transportation industries.

Another key feature of HTC Vive Cosmos is its 110-degree field of view offered by six tracking cameras, making it compatible with complicated graphics.


This VR headset is a costly product, which might not be suitable for the average gamer or virtual reality enthusiast.


The HTC Vive Cosmos VR headset has a sleek body with a flip-up design for convenient usage and gaming comfort. This VR headset delivers quality performance with a field of view higher than most virtual reality products. So, if you want to invest in high-quality VR technology with a processing power of Intel Core i5, you should consider this headset.

3. Best For Smartphone or Android Usage- Samsung Gear VR Headset

The Samsung Gear VR Headset is the only smartphone VR headset compatible with the Unreal Engine tool. It is also the most affordable, with a wide field of view and a comfortable design. Moreover, the Samsung Gear VR comes with a sweat-proof surface that does not get overheated. So, if you play VR games on your android phone instead of a PC, this headset can be suitable for you. 

What makes Samsung Gear VR worthy is its easy-to-use touchpad coupled with a fast hand-tracking system. The brand has improved many features in this VR gear headset, including a larger area for eyeglasses and extra padding for comfort. For us, it’s the best VR headset for smartphones since it promises a lower latency rate for better connectivity.


Since it is essentially an entry-level product, it may not be suitable for high-end professional designing.


Samsung Gear is the only VR smartphone headset that is fully compatible with the VR simulations of Unreal Engine. Therefore, it is the only VR gaming accessory for mobile games that can be used to access this game development tool. It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 edge, Note 5, S6 edge+, S6, and S6 edge models.

4. Best For Long Battery Life- Oculus Rift S VR Headset

With a successful kickstarter campaign in 2016, the Oculus Rift soon rose to become one of the best VR headsets for Unreal Engine. Its new version, the Oculus Rift S, comes with a 2160×1200 pixel resolution for high-quality HD images. Moreover, its improved optics prevent screen door effects while providing vivid imagery for epic games. 

Another notable feature of the Oculus rift is its in-built Halo headband that is designed to remain in place even during your fastest reactions and jerks. As such, it’s a suitable headset for VR developers due to its motion controllers with intuitive precision that can speedily read hand gestures and translate them into the virtual world. So, you may not need external sensors for room-scale and hand tracking.

However, unlike other headsets, the gamer must sign in to their Facebook account before engaging in VR simulations.


The Oculus Rift S is one of the best headsets in the VR world; however, unlike other popular VR systems, it has cable connections to the PC that can limit movement. 


With excellent battery life, sensitive motion controllers, and HD resolution, the Oculus Rift S has become a gaming essential in its own right. Game developers also prefer this to use Unreal Engine since it is an affordable and intuitive way to explore virtual reality. 

5. Best For OLED Display And Refresh Rate- HTC Vive Pro VR Headset

If you want to use the Unreal Engine development tool in a multi-user environment, you can consider purchasing the HTC Vive Pro Virtual Reality headset. With its 2.0 steam VR tracking, it can accurately track the room-scale regardless of whether you’re sitting or standing. HTC Vive Pro also has a dual-OLED display, providing movie-grade resolution for epic games and even better game development. 

This superior image quality and a 2880×1600 resolution is the reason why most game developers prefer this model even though it’s expensive. With a refresh rate of 90 Hz, it prevents motion sickness while maintaining lower latency levels. Moreover, it has amazing 3D spatial audio that provides an immersive experience through active noise cancellation.

The HTC Vive Pro VR headset is ideal for movie directors or producers who use Unreal Engine to map out scenes. Similarly, game developers can use this VR headset to create hyper-realistic and cinematic virtual reality sets. You can also use the motion capture feature to simulate real-life objects in virtual reality.


Even though Vive Pro has every feature that an Unreal Engine user might need, it is also incredibly expensive for the average customer. 


With an exemplary OLED display, sharp spatial audio, and advanced room tracking, the HTC Vive Pro VR headset provides high-quality virtual reality experience. This lightweight headset also offers smoother usage for games with fast movements and quick reactions. 

If you wish to purchase the best VR headset for professional videography, film-making, or game development via Unreal Engine, this may well fit the bill. Plus, you will get two months of unlimited VR apps, games, and VR titles on VivePort.

6. Best For Motion Controller- HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset

HP has also entered the virtual reality industry with some of the best VR headsets with motion controllers. Their newest model, the HP Reverb G2, has been marketed by a successful kickstarter campaign by Valve and Microsoft. Both the headset and the controllers are strong contenders against registered trademarks like Oculus and HTC. 

The HP Reverb G2 headset does not compromise its sound quality and offers realistic visuals with fully immersive spatial audio. Moreover, it has a mura-free LCD panel with a 2160 x 2160 resolution for crystal-clear images. And with its four built-in cameras and ergonomically designed controls, this HP Reverb VR headset delivers increased movement and efficient hand gestures. 

What’s more, HP Reverb has included lenses that automatically adjust to different eye distances to avoid putting strain on the eyes. Hence, you may comfortably explore the Unreal Engine by simply plugging the G2 into your computer using the DisplayPort cable.


The HP Reverb series has some of the best VR headsets with battery-operated hand controllers; however, gamers may need to upgrade them frequently to ensure optimal functionality.


With its adjustable lenses and Valve speakers, the HP Reverb G2 headset is a good choice for both beginners and veteran gamers. It is especially coveted because of its ergonomic design and wide field of view that offers a better gaming experience. Moreover, it is compatible with SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality besides Unreal Engine. If you want to invest in a trusted brand with advanced features, the HP Reverb can be a suitable choice. 

7. Best For Highly Sensitive Gamers- Sony PlayStation VR Headset

Coming from a highly-rated manufacturer of computers and VR games, this tethered VR headset is perfect for existing PlayStation users. It is one of the most affordable VR headsets that are compatible with Unreal Engine since it is priced at a lower range compared to others. Moreover, its OLED display compensates for its low 960×1080 resolution and offers clear images comparable to VR headsets with higher resolution. 

Another advantage of this VR headset is its 120 Hz refresh rate, which is higher than every other headset reviewed in this article. This will eradicate any chances of motion sickness while giving you an uninterrupted gaming experience. Additionally, it comes with an HDMI cable, AC plug and adapter, and a VR demo disc.


This VR headset from PlayStation can be slightly heavier to wear for most users. 


The Sony PlayStation VR headset can be a comfortable unit for highly sensitive gamers prone to motion sickness and sensory overload. It also offers a 100-degree field of view. Overall, gamers who already have a PlayStation can purchase this VR headset for smooth game processing and bright image display.

What To Consider When Buying VR Headsets For Unreal Engine?

Since Unreal Engine is a very advanced development tool, it requires robust hardware and a game processor to operate. So, it might be difficult to find VR headsets with compatible features to help use Unreal Engine conveniently. However, considering these specifications while purchasing a headset will solve any confusion:

1. Resolution 

Similar to computer screen resolution, a VR headset for games works best with high-quality resolution. Unreal Engine can run simulations with a resolution of up to 4000, so it’s ideal to purchase a headset that is a closer match. A minimum 2160×1200 resolution guarantees bright and crystal-clear video quality.

2. Connectivity

Connecting VR headsets to the computer can often turn out to be difficult. Hence, we’d suggest looking for connectivity features like USB, HDMI cables, DisplayPort outputs, etc., that make connecting the headset to a computer easy. Besides, VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Quest 2, and HTC Vive Cosmos have a wireless connection that can quickly access your computer connection with just the touch of a button. 

3. Refresh Rate

The refresh rate of a VR headset is one of the key features contributing to smooth video rendering. If you want stutter-free video streaming with a flexible field of view, purchasing a VR headset with a high refresh rate is essential. A 60 Hz refresh rate is ideal for tethered and standalone VR headsets.

Moreover, a good refresh rate prevents motion sickness, which is common in games with fast movement and quick jerks. Sensitive gamers who are prone to vertigo should always consider the refresh rate before purchasing a VR headset.

4. Controllers

Some VR headsets come with controllers for motion flexibility and accurate movements. To manipulate simulations in the Unreal Engine environment, you will need good-quality hand controllers for game development. 

5. Wearing Comfort

Besides the VR technology and compatible features, you should evaluate if a particular headset is comfortable to wear. Lightweight headsets are always preferred, especially for people who engage in games for a long time. 

For optimal comfort and wearability, look for features like adjustable lenses, headbands with soft cushioning, and a larger space for prescription glasses.

6. Budget

VR headsets have a diverse price range; however, it is better to invest a little more in getting better features and durability. Headsets at a higher range usually offer better controls, adjustable features, and clearer resolution. 

In case you don’t need to pair your VR headsets with PCs, you should definitely opt for smartphone headsets that are cheaper than ones used with a PC. But some of them may only be compatible with certain smartphone models, so check the compatibility factor before purchasing.

Final Verdict

As we reviewed the best VR headsets for Unreal Engine, we have chosen the Oculus Meta Quest 2 headset as our top choice since it is both affordable and efficient. The Quest 2 headset has received rave reviews due to its user-friendly Guardian boundary, high image quality, and lightweight design. 

Besides this headset, HTC Vive Cosmos and Pro are being preferred due to their advanced VR technology. And let’s not forget the speedy tracking feature and high refresh rating of Oculus Rift S and HP Reverb headsets.

However, you should factor your needs and budget to ensure that your investment doesn’t go down the drain. A pro tip here: go for a slightly higher specification to accommodate any future needs, even if it stretches your budget a little.

With that, it’s time for us to leave. But we will be back soon with more such reads. Until then, happy gaming!

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