Best VR Zombie Games

Zombies games have been a favorite for several gamers for a while, from the times of House of the Dead. 

Things have changed, and technology has progressed, but the love for zombie games has remained. With different kinds of zombies, interesting lore, and engaging combat, zombie games played on VR is definitely an out-of-the-world experience. 

Additionally, you can be mentally (and physically) prepared in case of an actual zombie riot or apocalypse. Better safe than sorry, right?

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best VR zombie games.

3 Best VR Zombie Games

1. The Walking Dead: Saint & Sinners 

The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners is one of the most popular VR zombie games. With well-developed melee and fun mechanics, the combat in this game is impressive. Unlike other survival VR shooters, Saints & Sinners makes each zombie combat unique, so you don’t get bored midway. The game does a remarkable job of boosting your adrenaline levels right after the first kill. 

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind while navigating through the map. These include learning how to dispatch the walkers, leading with an off-hand, improving your swinging skills and upgrading to better melee weapons. 

This is just one mechanic in the game, with plenty more to discover. Saints & Sinners comprises a story that players can uncover as they progress through the game. The whole plot revolves around communicating with your fellow survivor who is trapped under a military bunker with all the supplies needed for survival. However, the bunker begins to fill up with water, and the following missions ultimately lead to saving the bunker from flooding. 

The graphics consist of high-resolution imagery, making the entire experience immersive. It also offers several features, such as disguising yourself to hide from zombies and tending to your wounds in a typical post-apocalyptic fashion. 

2. Arizona Sunshine 

If you have been avoiding virtual reality games due to the fear of motion sickness, then Arizona Sunshine might be the one for you. The game is one of the most comfortable VR games, ironically because it is also heavily zombie themed. Arizona Sunshine includes features such as teleportation in a way that does not cause the player to get overwhelmed. 

With impressive stealth, foraging, and combat mechanics, Arizona Sunshine creates a fun VR experience in zombie-based games. The shooting mechanics are made to be precise with accurate controller tracking. Though it is a survival VR shooter game, it does not fully depend on guns to kill zombies. The terrain in the game is designed in such a way that allows the player to use it to their advantage and sprint past the zombies. 

Even minute details, such as opening doors or picking up ammunition, happen so smoothly that it feels realistic. Arizona Sunshine also comprises a story where the protagonist wanders through deserted mines, the Arizona desert, and abandoned cities in hopes of finding help. 

The soundtrack used for the game is impressive, which sets the tone for a zombie riot or apocalypse. To make things more interesting, when the zombies get closer to you, the music intensifies, warning you of danger nearby. 

3. Resident Evil 4 VR 

Resident Evil has been around for a long while, with a huge number of fans. The developers did not disappoint with Resident Evil 4 VR, as it is nothing short of magical. The first-person combat is crafted well and happens without any disruptions. Since the game is in virtual reality, all the equipment has been added to your in-game body so that there is easy access. 

The game also features a wide variety of weapons, from melee, pistols, grenades, etc., along with a utility belt for magazines. This means that every action is made to feel as realistic as possible, to let the player fully immerse into the game. 

Resident Evil VR has a story that carries the game forward. You get to play the character of Leon S. Kennedy, who has to save the president’s daughter. The combat is made to feel extremely realistic, with blood splatter as you are killing zombies. 

This also means that when the zombies are close to you, you can feel the adrenaline kick in, thanks to the game’s hyperrealism. The details of the game add to this, which can be clear when the zombies approach you, and you can see every tiny detail on their faces. 

The original Resident Evil could be played with the tap of a button, but the VR version makes it more engaging by requiring the player to fight the zombies physically. Resident Evil VRs environment is quite similar to what fighting zombies in a Victorian painting would feel like, which is as eerie as beautiful. 

2 Best Zombie VR Games For Oculus Quest 2

1. Zombieland: Headshot Fever 

Zombieland VR is an ideal game for people who find VR zombie games to be quite heavy and gore. With light shooting and competitive combat, this game takes a more lighthearted approach to a VR zombie game. The game begins with a tutorial that guides you through the basics of gameplay and gun mechanics. 

What keeps the players on their toes is the adaptive action required in the game. Often, the game will introduce you to a new mechanic, which you will have to adapt and master in a matter of mere seconds. 

The environment of Zombieland is highly experimental, which can be of great help, especially when you’re trying to hide from zombies. Zombieland focuses on fast gameplay, which will require you to keep moving around since no mobility can result in constant attacks from the zombies. 

The game is easy to get into, and the tutorial at the beginning makes it a lot easier for people of all ages to play. Though the courses in the game are relatively short, it adds to the replayability of the game. There is no specific story to the game other than trying to see who gets the most number of zombie kills in a set period. 

2. Drop Dead: Dual Strike 

House of the Dead was a popular zombie game in the nineties, and Drop Dead follows similar mechanics. Though there is no set story in this VR game, it can still be pretty engaging. The game starts by dropping you into a pool of zombies, who you will have to combat using the weapons given to you. 

After each wave of zombies, you progress in levels, accumulate points, and upgrade your weapons. 

Though it seems simple, the game is not just a hack-and-slash with zombies. Dual Strike requires the players to use their imagination and come up with creative ways to tackle certain situations. From reloading at the right time and swapping weapons mid-combat, players are made to stay alert and play tactically. 

Dual Strike is available on the Oculus Quest 2 and offers multiplayer co-op mode, so you can challenge a friend if you wish to. The controls are easy to use, and the animations are pretty smooth and pleasant on the eyes. Additionally, the post-apocalyptic environment is impressive and sets the mood for the game effortlessly. 

2 Best Free VR Zombie Games

1. Death Horizon: Reloaded 

Death Horizon is a post-apocalyptic adventure set in an underground facility. The facility is designed to give the players the creeps, with bodies, rubble, and green goo scattered on the floor. In Death Horizon, even the gore and bloody zombies have an arc. They are the former employees and customers of the underground facility, who then turned into the undead. 

This VR game offers the players a lot more combat options when compared to other zombie apocalypse games. You can hang onto an overhead pipe and fire at the zombies below you, and a series of control combinations can help you jump over the zombies. All this makes the game quite engaging and rewarding, to say the least. 

The gun mechanics in the game are quite solid, even though it does not entail any sophisticated technology. There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to guns. Additionally, features like triggering a grenade by throwing and shooting at it make the game a lot more action-hero style. The zombies come in varying types and species, such as zombie dogs, construction workers, etc. 

2. Pavlov VR 

Pavlov VR is a free-to-play shooter game developed for virtual reality and was also one of the very first games made for VR. The combat and reload mechanics are pretty straightforward in Pavlov and are easy to get the hang of. The inventory allows for storing several powerful weapons that you can choose from an extensive weapons collection. 

The visual design is also pretty impressive, considering it was a game made quite a while back. What still keeps players hooked on Pavlov is the intuitive gameplay the game entails. Pavlov is also compatible with several VR headsets on the market, as it was made for VR as a whole and not a specific VR headset. 

Final Words 

Zombies or post-apocalyptic zombies have been a very popular genre in movies, books, games, etc. Agreed, playing a zombie-based game on PC is pretty entertaining. However, only VR can truly recreate the feel of having an actual zombie stand beside you. It gives you the creeps unlike no other. All you have to do is muster up some courage, grab your gun, and go down on those zombies!

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