Can You Use Oculus Quest / Quest 2 with PS4?

Playstation 4 is one of the most popular and best-selling gaming consoles ever released. It also supports virtual reality (VR) gaming via the Playstation VR headset.

The problem is however that PSVR was released already in 2016 and it is getting outdated and outperformed by most modern VR headsets.

The standalone Oculus Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets with their relatively low price tag have been a great success for Oculus and have definitely helped make VR more mainstream. 

This often raises a question for the current PS4 owners – can you connect the Oculus Quest or Quest 2 headset with PS4 and play the playstation games in VR?

The short answer is that the Oculus Quest & Quest 2 headsets are not compatible with Playstation 4. Therefore you can not simply connect and play Playstation VR games with the Quest headsets. However, it is possible to stream PS4 flat screen games to the Quest and play them on the large virtual screen.

Let’s explore this topic a bit further.

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Although using the Oculus Quest or Quest 2 as a PSVR headset would be a nice feature, this simply can not work. 

True, the PS4 has a high-speed USB 3.0 port and you could theoretically plug in the Oculus Link cable to the console but this just won`t give you the result you are expecting.

With the Oculus Link turning the Quest / Quest 2 into a PCVR headset, it’s up to the PC and the corresponding software to generate all the content, interpret the tracking and movement of the motion controllers.

When you connect your Quest headset to PS4, the console just wouldn’t know what to do with the headset. Totally different software, tracking and controller implementations.

Just forget about it, it will not work.

How to play PS games (2D) on Oculus Quest / Quest 2

As we established, VR content is out of the equation. However, it is possible to stream regular flat screen PS4 games to your Oculus Quest headset. 

If you ask me, it is more hassle than the end result is worth. But if you really want it and are up for some Googling / installing / testing (and then banging your head against the table), then I am happy to give you the initial ropes (not the definitive guide) to get started.

Update! In addition to the methods below, you can also install a Playstation emulator on your Quest. I have described the method and required steps in more detail here.

Sideload PS Remote Play On Your Quest or Quest 2

PS Remote Play allows you to control your PS4 from an Android mobile device. The Oculus Quest headsets also work on Android which means you can sideload “PS Remote Play” on your headset and use it as a “mobile” device.

What you need:

  • PC with a USB port (for Sideloading apps to your Quest)
  • SideQuest for sideloading apps to your Quest headset
  • “PS Remote Play” APK to install on your headset
  • Google Chrome (or PS App) APK to install and solve the log-in problems

If you are able to successfully install PS Remote Play on your Quest and also log into your Playstation account (use Chrome or PS App), you might still bump into additional problems with connecting your controller.

To solve this problem, try the 2nd account “hack” solution described in this video:

More information:

Sideloading 3rd party PS Remote Play app (Chiaki)

Many people have faced problems with the official PS Remote Play sideloaded to the Quest (e.g version 3.0 works and 4.0 not). To overcome the problem, you can use an alternative PS Remote Play app called Chiaki.

What you need:

Best VR Fails & Wins (2022)
Best VR Fails & Wins (2022)
  • PC with a USB port (for Sideloading apps to your Quest)
  • SideQuest for sideloading apps to your Quest headset
  • “Chiaki” APK to install on your headset

See the exact process + links to the required files in the following video: 

PS Remote Play on your PC + Stream Content to your Quest 2 (Virtual Desktop)

An alternative method is to install PS Remote Play on your PC and then stream the content to your Quest / Quest 2 headset using Virtual Desktop (which essentially mirrors your PC screen to the Quest)

What you need:

This solution is the easiest to set up and works pretty well. However, since there are two sequential streaming layers (PS4 → PC → Quest) you can expect some latency. This might ruin the experience, especially for fast paced games.

Video Capture Card + Stream Content to your Quest (Virtual Desktop)

This option is similar to the last solution, only instead of PS Remote Play, you will be using a video capture card  to forward the video input from your PS4 to your PC. The advantage over PS Remote Play (which forwards data over the internet) is significantly reduced latency (practically none)

What you need:

For a more detailed explanation, see the video below:

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