Troubleshooting Issues with Quest 2 Factory Resetting

Meta Quest 2 Factory Reset Not Working (Troubleshooting Issues)

The process of factory resetting electronic devices should be easy and problem-free. After all, you are most probably factory resetting because you are trying to solve another underlying issue. So this really is not a place to introduce additional issues into the mix.

Factory resetting the Quest 2 headset is generally quite intuitive and ironed out. It’s quite rare that problems happen and most of the time it’s actually not caused by the headset (but rather the user).

In this article, I am going to cover some of the more common issues that might happen during and after the process of factory resetting the Quest 2 headset. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Can’t Initiate Factory Reset on The Quest 2

If you have decided that you want to factory reset your Quest 2 but can not get the process initiated, then don’t worry. Here are a couple of things I would like you to try.

Contrary to common belief, there are actually three different methods to factory reset your Quest 2. You can either initiate a factory reset from the Meta Quest mobile app, the headset itself (boot menu), or from your Oculus (Meta) Profile.

If you can’t factory your Quest 2 using the initial method you chose (e.g headset boot menu), then try initiating the process with one of the other two methods (mobile app or Meta profile settings).

Make sure you are following the guidelines for factory resetting your headset. Pay attention that you are not missing some steps or details that are preventing the process from starting.

For example, I have seen numerous examples of people trying to factory reset the Quest 2 straight from the headset, but are pressing the wrong button combination. This is the issue I am actually going to describe next.

Trying to Factory Reset but Getting “No Command” Error

If you are trying to factory reset your Quest 2 but instead are getting the Android “No Command” error, you are likely pressing and holding down the Power and Volume Up buttons. This button combination launches the headset in firmware-sideloading and not the boot menu.

To exit the “No Command” screen you either have to wait a couple of minutes (the headset then automatically boots normally) or you can long-press the power button to force a reboot.

When your actual goal was to factory reset the headset from the Quest 2 boot menu, you should press and hold down the Power and Volume down (-) buttons instead. Do this until you see the Boot menu and you can then release the buttons.

Quest 2 Power and Volume Down Buttons (Enter Boot Menu)

If you are not pressing any buttons at all, but still arrive at the “No Command” Android error screen, your volume button is likely stuck.

To solve the issue, press the volume up and down buttons repeatedly. Change the intensity and the angle when pressing the buttons to potentially get rid of any debris that might be causing the issue.

Reboot your headset afterward and see if your headset now starts up normally or still enters the “No command” mode.

Unable to Pair Controllers After Factory Reset

When you have completed factory resetting your Quest 2, but are unable to pair your Touch controllers during the headset’s initial setup, then follow these steps:

  • Check that the controllers are turned on (getting power)
  • Press buttons repeatedly to wake the controllers
  • Press and hold the Meta (or Oculus) button
  • Reset controller connection by removing batteries for ~2 minutes
  • Enforce battery connection with aluminum foil
  • Reinstall the Meta Quest app on your phone

When the headset’s initial setup dialog prompts you to remove the plastic strips from the controllers (and they are actually already pulled off), then do the following: remove the batteries from the controllers, restart your headset, and put the batteries back in when the setup asks you to remove the strips again.

I have discussed these and also additional ideas for solving Quest 2 controller pairing issues in my previous articles that you can find here and here.

Unable to Pair the Headset

Even though controller pairing issues seem to be more prevalent, sometimes it’s also the headset that fails to pair to the Meta Quest mobile app (which means you can’t complete the headset’s initial setup).

If you are unable to pair your headset after the factory reset, try these steps:

  • Restart your headset and phone (or simply close the Meta Quest app)
  • Reinstall the Meta Quest app and try again
  • Make sure your connected the headset to the same WiFi as your phone
  • Try using another phone/tablet to complete the headset’s initial setup

You can read about these and other steps to solve your headset pairing issues in my previous article.

And that’s all from me for this article. I hope it was useful and that you were able to solve the ongoing issues you faced during or after factory resetting your Quest 2.

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