How Many GB are Quest 2 Games? (Popular Game Sizes)

One common question I see VR newcomers asking (people who are thinking about buying the Quest 2) is how big the VR games are and whether they should opt for the 128GB or the 256GB version of the headset.

Based on a selection of 66 current most popular and top-selling Quest 2 games, the average game size is approximately 3GB, while the median size is 1.82GB. A third of all the games in the selection (22 titles) take up anywhere between 1-2 GB, followed by 0-1 GB (14 titles) and 2-3GB (11 titles).

This means that 47 out of the selected 66 games (71.2%) have a size of 3GB or lower. There are some titles of course that take up significantly more space (e.g Resident Evil 8GB, Contractors 10.7GB, and Medal of Honor 41GB).

Let’s now look at all of the different VR games and their sizes in more detail!

List of Popular Quest 2 Games / Apps & Their Sizes (GB)

Here is a combined list of the most popular games (total time spent playing) and the most sold games on the Quest platform and their associated headset disk space requirements. The games in the table are sorted in alphabetical order.

Feel free to scroll the whole list or use your browser’s “Find on page” functionality to quickly locate specific games. Make sure to also check the remarks and clarifications at the end of the table!

GameSize (GB)Space Required
During Installation (GB)
2MD: VR Football Unleashed ALL-STAR2.013.88
Arizona Sunshine®4.687.71
A Township Tale0.791.23
Beat Saber1.311.66
Blade & Sorcery: Nomad4.115.05
Car Mechanic Simulator1.592.97
Contractors 10.6714.05
Cooking Simulator VR3.646.62
Creed: Rise to Glory1.422.65
Drunkn Bar Fight1.552.94
Echo VR1.011.64
Eleven Table Tennis0.731.2
First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis Simulator0.731.29
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted1.793.35
Fruit Ninja0.690.82
Golf 5 eClub2.134.08
Gorilla Tag0.250.38
Green Hell VR2.733.44
Gun Club VR1.512.67
Hand Physics Lab0.570.37
I Expect You To Die1.141.01
I Expect You To Die 21.181.26
In Death: Unchained2.294.32
Job Simulator1.671.79
Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond41.0243.46
Mini Motor Racing X1.923.61
Minecraft (QuestCraft)0.050.1
Moss: Book II4.687.57
Pavlov Shack Beta4.17.98
Pistol Whip1.152.02
Please, Don’t Touch Anything0.520.56
Real VR Fishing1.582.58
Rec Room1.522.38
Red Matter 25.167.57
Resident Evil 48.1512.02
Richie’s Plank Experience0.540.95
Shock Troops0.881.64
Space Pirate Trainer DX1.562.58
Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge6.7310.24
The Thrill of the Fight1.120.93
Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street1.851.83
The Climb 24.297.63
The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners6.7910.63
The Room VR: A Dark Matter2.323.29
Trover Saves the Universe3.376.51
Vacation Simulator1.462.69
Vader Immortal: Episode I2.675.15
Vader Immortal: Episode II3.617.03
Vader Immortal: Episode III3.757.3
Walkabout Mini Golf2.414.61
Waltz of the Wizard: Natural Magic1.472.78
Warplanes: WW1 Fighters0.440.47
Youtube VR0.120.13
Zenith: The Last City2.454.35
Zero Caliber: Reloaded3.947.52

Remarks & Clarifications:

  • Size (GB) – indicates the approximate space the game takes up after the installation is complete
  • Space Required During Installation (GB) – during the installation, your headset will first download the installation package and then install it on your headset. This means that your headset will temporarily hold both the installer and the extracted game itself, thus requiring more disk space than the actual game takes.
  • The game “Size” and “Space required during installation” values have been gathered from the official Quest store pages of each separate game.
  • Most of the games are in active development and receive regular updates. This means that the actual size of the games also changes in time and oftentimes, the game size information is not updated on the game pages.
  • Use the given game size values as an approximate estimate and not as the complete truth.

Some Statistics About the Size of Quest 2 Games

  • The table lists 66 of the best-selling and most played games on the Quest 2 platform.
  • The average size of the chosen Quest 2 games after installation is approximately 3GB (2.4 if you leave out the largest title Medal of Honor)
  • The median size of the selected list of games is 1.82 GB.
  • Most Quest 2 games take up anywhere between 1-2 GB (22 titles), followed by 0-1 GB (14 titles) and 2-3GB (11 titles). This means that 47 out of the 66 games (71.2%) have a size of 3GB or lower.
  • The largest Quest 2 game is Medal of Honor™: Above and Beyond which takes up approximately 41GB of the headset’s hard drive after the installation is complete.

How Many Games Can the Quest 2 Hold?

The Quest 2 is currently sold with two different storage configurations – you can either choose the 128GB or 256GB option (initially there was also the 64GB variant, which was later replaced with 128GB).

The thing to keep in mind when calculating the approximate number of games the headsets can fit is that fresh out of the box, about 16 GB of the total storage space is allocated to the Quest 2 OS and other system resources (I just factory reset my headset and got this number after applying all the latest updates).

This means that you will actually only have 112GB of usable disk space for the 128GB version of the Quest 2 and 240GB for the 256GB option. So taking that into consideration, how many games can you actually install on the Quest 2 headsets?

If we use the median size of the current most popular Quest 2 games (1.82 GB), the 128GB headset can hold approximately 62 titles (112 GB usable storage / 1.82 GB), whereas the 256GB version will hold up to 131 games.

The thing to consider here is that many of the newer VR titles also seem to be larger in size in general (e.g Resident Evil 4, Moss: Book II, etc). So if you are pondering, whether to choose the 128GB or the 256GB option, think through the likely titles you are going to install and their respective sizes.

Generally, I would personally say that the 128GB version of the Quest 2 should be plenty enough for the vast majority of the users. I have owned it myself for a long time and haven’t yet experienced any issues with storage.

I hope the article was useful and helped you understand the general nature and size of the games developed for the Quest 2 VR platform.

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