Samsung HMD Odyssey+ Discontinued (Support Only)

It seems that one of the most popular VR headsets from the Windows Mixed Reality family, the Odyssey+ has reached the end of its life cycle. As of April 13, 2020, the headset no longer has an official product page on the Samsung website.

If you try to navigate to the product page from Google search listings (where the page is still indexed) you are greeted by a saddening “Sorry, the page you’re looking for is not available.”

Additionally, when searching for the HMD Odyssey+ from Samsung website, it can be seen that the headset is now listed as “Support Only”, putting it in the same category with the original HMD Oydssey.

HMD Odyssey+ is now a support only product

In all honesty, the discontinuing of the product shouldn’t come as a surprise for anyone who has been paying attention. Originally released in the fall of 2018, the Odyssey+ has been on numerous discounted sales for extended periods. What else, if selling through the inventory could be the reason for this.

Another factor, indicating the now-to-have-arrived discontinuing of the Odyssey+, is that rumors about a new headset coming from Samsung have gone around for some time now. I have previously written about the possible release of the new Odyssey++(?) headset and it now seems more probable than ever.

It is likely that we are bound for some announcements from Samsung in the very near future. Let does wait and see.

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