Thrill Of The Fight Vs. Creed: Rise To Glory For The Oculus Quest

Are you ready to step into the virtual boxing ring and duke it out with some of the toughest opponents in the world? 

Well, if you’re an Oculus Quest owner, you’ve got two top contenders vying for your attention: “Thrill of the Fight” and “Creed: Rise To Glory.” These two immersive boxing games offer a knockout experience, but they each bring their own unique style and gameplay to the table. 

In this article, we’ll compare the adrenaline-pumping action, graphics, and overall gaming experience of these virtual boxing champs. So, grab your gloves, and let’s get ready to rumble!

Thrill Of The Fight Vs. Creed: Rise To Glory – Which Is Better On The Oculus Quest?

1. Graphics

When it comes to graphics, both “Thrill of the Fight” and “Creed: Rise To Glory” bring their own unique visual styles to the ring.

“Thrill of the Fight” opts for a more realistic, gritty aesthetic. The character models and environments may not be as polished as some other boxing titles, but it’s intentional. The game focuses on creating an authentic boxing simulator, emphasizing gameplay over flashy graphics. This approach can make you feel like you’re in a true boxing match, complete with sweat, bruises, and realistic animations.

On the other hand, “Creed: Rise To Glory” takes a cinematic approach. The graphics are stunning, with lifelike character models, detailed arenas, and impressive lighting effects. It’s like stepping into a movie scene. 

The visuals are designed to immerse you in the world of the “Rocky” franchise, offering a more polished and cinematic experience. So, if you are a player who prioritizes beautiful visuals and graphics in a game, then Creed: Rise to Glory should be your pick.

2. Gameplay

“Thrill of the Fight” leans heavily into the realism of boxing. It’s a true boxing simulator that requires precision and strategy. The fights are methodical, and you need to pay close attention to the fighting strategies and moves of your opponent. You need to look out for any openings that will allow you to land a big punch to knock your opponent out. 

It’s a serious workout, making it an excellent choice for those who want a real boxing experience. The fighters move realistically, and you’ll feel the exhaustion of a long battle as the round progresses. The game’s mechanics focus on actual boxing techniques, making it a satisfying choice for true boxing enthusiasts.

On the other hand, “Creed: Rise To Glory” brings a more cinematic and accessible approach to the boxing game genre. While it captures the essence of the “Rocky” franchise, it may not be as true to real boxing. The fights are intense and fun, with a mix of arcade-style action and strategy. Fortunately, it’s not too arcadey, which sets it apart from other casual boxing games like Knockout League.

You can play as iconic boxers from the “Rocky” series, each with their own special abilities. The punches and hits are impactful, and the game’s future-themed training sequences add variety and excitement to the gameplay.

3. Sound

Now, let’s talk about the sound design of each game. In “Thrill of the Fight,” the audio design is all about realism. When you play as a boxer, every hit and punch feels authentic. The sound of leather gloves making contact with an opponent’s body, the grunts and heavy breathing of the fighters, and the crowd’s reactions create an immersive atmosphere.

The ability to hear your opponent’s movements is crucial for strategizing and countering effectively. When a boxer is knocked down, the sound of the canvas and the referee’s count intensifies the tension.

In “Creed: Rise To Glory,” the audio leans into the cinematic nature of the game. Hits and punches have a theatrical flair, making each blow feel like a moment from the “Rocky” movies. The special abilities of each boxer are accompanied by distinct audio cues, adding a layer of excitement and strategy. 

What’s more, the dynamic score and commentary provide a more dramatic experience to the players. Also, you get to hear the songs from the “Rocky” movie franchise, which is a plus!

Ultimately, the sound design in both games complements their respective styles. “Thrill of the Fight” aims for realism, while “Creed: Rise To Glory” embraces the cinematic flair of boxing, making the audio an integral part of the overall experience.

4. Progression And Refereeing

Now, let’s discuss a few other features of both games, such as progression systems and referee behavior. “Thrill of the Fight” focuses on a more straightforward and realistic progression system. As you fight opponents, you earn points and climb the ranks, gradually facing tougher adversaries. There’s a strong emphasis on skill improvement and fitness as you work your way up.

In contrast, “Creed: Rise To Glory” employs a narrative-driven progression system. You play as Adonis Creed, following his journey from an amateur boxer to a professional champion. This adds a storytelling element to the game, making it feel like you’re part of a boxing movie. The progression is tied to the story, unlocking new challenges and opponents as you advance.

In terms of referees, both games incorporate them to ensure fair play, but “Thrill of the Fight” focuses more on realistic referee behavior, including counting knockdowns and enforcing rules. In contrast, “Creed: Rise To Glory” keeps the focus more on the action, with the referee being less prominent in the overall gameplay experience.


The choice between “Thrill of the Fight” and “Creed: Rise To Glory” ultimately hinges on personal preferences and priorities within the virtual boxing genre. If you value realism, genuine boxing skill development, and a rigorous workout, “Thrill of the Fight” stands as the superior choice. Its focus on authenticity and the physical demands of boxing makes it a favorite among those seeking a genuine boxing simulator.

On the other hand, if you lean towards cinematic flair, narrative-driven progression, and a more accessible, fun-filled boxing experience, “Creed: Rise To Glory” takes the crown. It captures the spirit of the “Rocky” franchise, offering engaging storytelling, visuals, sounds, and a mix of arcade-style action and strategy.

In the end, your decision boils down to whether you prefer the raw, skill-based intensity of “Thrill of the Fight” or the dramatic, cinematic spectacle of “Creed: Rise To Glory.”

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