Level Smart Glasses – What Are They?

Have you been putting off getting a pair of smart glasses due to the steep price? Have bulky, ridiculous-looking frames ever been a turnoff, or perhaps the need to wear prescription glasses a deterring factor?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, and are looking for a wellness-tracking pair of smart glasses, then Level might just have the suitable product for you.

What Are Level Smart Glasses

What are Level Smart Glasses?

Level glasses, in addition to serving as your prescription glasses (or sunglasses, if you prefer) are also your wellness tracker. Centered on your body’s axis, the glasses do a much more accurate job of reading your steps made throughout the day than, say, a smart watch or a phone.

They also have the added benefit of being something you don’t easily forget at home in the morning. You might forget your watch on your nightstand when in a hurry, but glasses are something pretty essential for a lot of people.

In addition to tracking how many steps you’ve taken, the glasses keep track of calories burned, overall active minutes and distance traveled. Naturally, for this, they are paired with a mobile app. Note, however, that they don’t have a GPS function or a heart-rate monitor that you’d usually find in other forms of fitness trackers.

Level Smart Glasses are produced by VSP Vision Care, a vision health insurance provider. Thus if you have VSP insurance, you can greatly reduce the cost of your Level glasses, making them very affordable smart glasses.

If you’re looking to replace, for example, a simple pedometer app on your phone, with a more accurate one that will also help you see, they are very much worth the investment.  However due to the lack of a lot of heart rate monitoring and GPS features, they probably won’t replace things like an Apple Watch.

How Much Do Level Smart Glasses Cost? Who Are They For?

As of right now, level Smart Glasses are only available for U.S.A. citizens who are thirteen or older. Although VSP Vision Care is an international company, the glasses have yet to make it to the international market.

The normal market price for Level frames is 270 dollars, not including prescription lenses. However as already stated before, VSP members can apply their vision benefits to purchase the smart glasses at a much cheaper price.

Pros of Level Glasses

There are many reasons why you should consider Level Smart Glasses. The first being the accuracy of them as a wellness tracker that I already discussed in previous segments. However there is much more to Level to consider.

For example, do you have trouble staying motivated? Is it maybe difficult  to reach your step goal every day. Especially on weekends when you don’t have motivation to leave the house? Level and VSP provide perfect motivation for reaching your step goal and even your extended goal every day!

See, whenever you reach either your initial goal or the extended one, you earn a point, letting you earn a maximum of two points a day. Once you’ve gathered 50 points, VSP will donate an eye exam and a pair of glasses to someone in need. You can even choose a demographic you wish to support, such as veterans, children, seniors or the homeless. If your own health can’t motivate you to get your step goals, then maybe the health of the needy will.

Or maybe you are the kind of person who tends to constantly lose their glasses? Well, Level has a nifty feature for the likes of us – the glasses finder. The good thing about smart glasses paired with apps is that they can be usually found through them. Such is the case with Level, too. No more searching apartments in frustration – thank you, technology!

The battery life on them is good, lasting about five days, or even more if you’re not a very active user. Your glasses can be charged with a regular USB cable. This means you don’t have to worry about finding very specific replacement cables if yours happens to break. Usually those can cost a lot or have a very long shipping time. Especially if they’re only available through the original manufacturer of your glasses.

Cons of Level

There aren’t too many negative things to say about Level.

The biggest negative is obviously that Level is currently only available in the US and affordable only if you have a VSP membership. The rest of the world will have to hold out and see if VSP will have plans to release Level on a world-wide market, or maybe find some alternative solutions.

Also, Level isn’t really competition for fitness trackers that keep you updated on your heart rate. It is a much more watered down wellness tracker. However if you only care about seeing your step counter, active minutes and distance traveled, then the glasses will have you covered pretty well.

The final negative is more of an annoyance than anything. For privacy reasons, you have to open the Level app on your phone a couple of times a day for it to save your progress. If you don’t, it won’t show you your steps or traveled distance. However I think that the app is something an active user will be checking frequently anyway to determine how many steps they still have to make and so on.


In conclusion, Level Smart Glasses is a fine device for any American citizen looking for an affordable wellness tracker integrated into their eyewear. The frames are fashionable and the smart glasses aspect of them unnoticeable. In addition, the glasses will also motivate you to do some good through achieving your health goals daily, which will get many lazybones out of their beds, even on a cold Sunday.

If you’re a VSP member in the United States, why not look into Level next and have your glasses do something more for you and others?


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