Have you ever wondered what the future will be like?  What the cities look like?  How people are commuting?  What technology is used?

This site is about something I believe will happen in the future. This site is about glasses that are smart. Glasses that do something more than your regular prescription lenses. 

This site is also about the ideas and technologies that are closely related and support the idea of smart glasses. Augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (MR) are all topics we are going to dive in.

I firmly believe that everything people currently do with smartphones, they will eventually do with wearable smart glasses. And more. 

Two main factors I believe that support my claim:

  •  Glasses are always in your sight, ready to assist you (should you choose so). You can get real-time visual information from smart glasses` display, while listening music, podcasts, instructions etc. from the bone conduction audio frames   You don’t have to reach to your pocket. You don’t have to look away. Both of your hands are free. Its convenience combined with efficiency and practicality.
  • Voice recognition (and search) is changing the way people interact with devices. Statistics show that more and more people use voice to do their searches. With the constant advancements in voice recognition, people will soon be able to intuitively control and command their devices. This is perfect fit for use with smart glasses.

I feel that this is a topic I want to go more in-depth with. To understand the trends and advancements in related technology. To have an overview of the products being released and the way market reacts to them.

I guess you might say that I am preparing for the future.   

On this site, I am bringing you along on my journey. I will document and share the things I learn as I go and try to bring usable quality information to you, dear website visitor.