Buying Games for Oculus Quest / Quest 2 – Beginners Guide

The Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets are some of the most futuristic gadgets to exist. If you’ve heard the phrase “the future is digital”, then you’re about to find out one big reason why. 

In this article, I’ll be providing you a complete guide on how to buy games for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets. I’ll also be answering a few FAQs, so let’s get right into it!

First, the short answer: buying games on the Quest / Quest 2 headsets is super easy! All games and apps are digital, and the headsets have a built-in game library called the Oculus Store. All you need to do is log in and purchase the games. These will be downloaded to your headset via the Internet and you can start playing as soon as they’re installed!

Note! Your Oculus Store and the games you buy are linked with your Facebook account. You can not buy games or use the headset if you don’t have a Facebook account.

Purchasing Games for Quest / Quest 2: Checklist and Procedure

When you first unpack your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 headset, you will have to complete the headset initial setup before you are able to buy some games and enjoy the wonders of VR. For this you will need:

  • WiFi Internet Connectivity (Mobile Hotspot will do as well)
  • Smartphone (Android / iPhone) – required for installing the Oculus app and completing the headset setup. You can later also buy games through the mobile app.
  • Facebook Account – all the games you buy, will be linked with your Facebook account. You can retrieve all your games if you lose/break your headset or buy a new Oculus Quest headset.
  • Valid Payment Method – used for purchasing games.

If you are new to VR, the following official manual video from Oculus explains the requirements and setup process for Oculus Quest 2 headset:

Once you complete the initial setup, you can buy games for your Quest / Quest 2 in three different ways:

  • Within the headset – The easiest and recommended way. Just navigate to the “Store” menu option and find and buy the appropriate game. You can then download and install the game and start enjoying it right away.
  • Oculus Mobile App – You can scroll through all the Oculus Game library and make the purchase through the app. Once bought, you can initiate install through the app or from the headset.
  • Browser – If you are logged in with your FB account, you can buy games from the Oculus Store in your browser. Once purchased, you can later install them in your headset.

Supported Payment Methods to Buy Games for Oculus Quest / Quest 2

Currently Oculus supports the following payments methods to buy games for Oculus Quest / Quest 2 headset:

  • Credit Card or Debit Card: You can use American Express, Mastercard, or a VISA card to complete your game purchases.
  • PayPal: If the payment method is supported in your region, it’s supported on both Quest headsets.

So, wondering why I mentioned up there that having money to buy games is optional? Well, this next heading is for you.

Free Games for the Quest and Quest 2

The answer to the big question “are there any free games on the Oculus Quest headsets” is an enthusiastic “YES!” 

The Oculus Store is just like any other gaming library, such as the App Store on iOS, or the Microsoft Store on Windows. This means creators are invited to create games and other apps and post them on the Oculus Store!

That being said, there’s plenty of free games out there! Some popular examples include:

  • Echo VR – A gravity-defying sporting experience for all kinds of thrill-seekers!
  • Rec Room – The place everybody comes to have a second life, filled with games, activities, creative potential, and a blossoming community!
  • The Under Presents – A mind-bending adventure that doesn’t explicitly fall into being called a “game”, but still packs an amazing punch for a free VR experience!
  • Dear Angelica – An emotionally demanding experience that does wonders to make the common man truly feel.

You can find many additional great free games and apps to test out by clicking on the link. There’s also a bunch of demos available for you to try out if you’re thinking about putting in the money for the full game!

Now that we have the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at some additional useful information and FAQs that you might be thinking about.

How Do I Buy Games as a Gift on the Oculus Quest and Quest 2?

The Oculus store comes with a pretty useful feature right next to the option to buy the game. It’s called “Buy for a friend”. This does exactly what it sounds like!

After you navigate to the game or app you want to gift and select this option, be sure to enter the email address of the person you want to send the gift to. The rest takes care of itself!

You can also add a customized message with each gift you sent!

Buying PC VR Games for Oculus Quest / Quest 2

One of the biggest advantages of the Oculus Quest headset series is that in addition to the standalone all-in-one mode, they can also be tethered to your PC and function as a PC VR headset. One device, multiple use cases!

This also leaves you with more options when it comes to purchasing the games. I am going to next answer some questions that are often asked.

Can I use my Steam VR Games for the Quest / Quest 2, if I’ve already bought them?

If you have previously owned a PC VR Headset and have some games in your Steam library, you might be thinking – Can I play the Steam VR games I have already bought with the Oculus Quest / Quest 2 headset?

The answer is that yes, you can play Steam VR games you have already bought with the Oculus Quest / Quest 2 headsets. You can either use the official Oculus Link method (USB cable to connect your PC and the headset) or play wirelessly using Virtual Desktop.

What is Oculus Cross-Buy and Why Should You Care?

Oculus Cross-Buy is a very neat benefit from Oculus to those who have a gaming PC and plan to use their Oculus Quest / Quest 2 both as a standalone device as well as a PC VR headset.

Basically, when you purchase a Cross-Buy game from the Oculus Store, you get the standalone version of the game and the PCVR version. Both games for the same price!

What this means is that you can enjoy the improved graphics and performance of cross-buy games when you are at home near your PC. On the other hand, you can have a blast at the same game in standalone mode, when you visit your friends/family and don`t have access to your PC.

Should You Buy Games from Oculus Store or Steam?

If you are planning to use your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 as a PC VR headset, you have two primary options as to where to buy your games from – the Oculus store and Steam. So which one should you prefer?

Many people prefer Steam over Oculus Store to buy their games because they don`t want to be locked into the Oculus ecosystem. With Steam, you have the option to buy a non-Oculus headset and still have access to your game library. Oculus Store on the other hand is your only option if you want to play games in standalone mode or enjoy Oculus exclusives. Another benefit of the Oculus store is cross-buy games which you can enjoy both in standalone and PC VR mode.

One way to approach the problem would be to buy all the Oculus Quest / Quest 2 native content and Oculus exclusive games from Oculus Store and the rest from Steam. This way you`ll be able to enjoy the benefits offered by Oculus while leaving yourself the option to switch the headset in the future and still have access to a large portion of your game library.

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