How to Setup Virt a Mate

We all have our sexual desires and fantasies, but making them come true in real life is not always possible. 

Which is why games like Virt a Mate exist. Virt a Mate is an adult-only sex simulator game where users can immerse themselves in scenes and explore their sexual side. 

This game comprises lifelike characters, advanced rendering techniques, and skin-accurate collisions to make the game much more realistic. The characters can come alive through various plugins and add-ons. 

The game also allows the user to create custom scenes, further improving the entire experience. We know it sounds too good to be true! 

So, without further ado, let’s get into how you can set up Virt a Mate on your PC and VR headset. 

What Is Virt A Mate 

Virta Mate or Virt-a-Mate is a virtual reality sex simulator game with sandbox features that allows you to move around freely and explore your sexual fantasies. Virt a Mate is ideal for people who wish to fulfill their wildest fantasies in virtual reality. 

The main game makes use of realistic visuals and graphics where the characters move like humans. They also move with realistic physics and can render wherever you place them in any scenario. 

Virta Mate is compatible with almost all PC types making it one of the most popular choices for VR porn games. With the help of a VR headset, including Oculus Quest, you can transport yourself into the world of Virt a Mate. 

Some features of Virt a Mate are: 

  • Full customization properties 
  • Can record your favorite scenes 
  • Adding new game atoms 
  • Realistic body mechanics 

What Are Virt a Mate Atoms? 

Virt a Mate atoms are extra pieces that can be added to a scene in the game. For example, some common atoms are:

  • Lights 
  • Environments 
  • People 
  • Clothing 
  • Props 
  • Patterns of animation 

You must keep in mind that if you do not own the Creator package for the game, you will not be able to add atoms. But the majority of the custom props and scenes you get are fun to play, even without the atoms. 

Since Virt a Mate is a sandbox, it functions the way you wish for it to. This might make the game easier to figure out for people who can figure out the controls and game mechanics. But for casual gamers, it can be slightly complicated. To solve this issue, Virta Mate offers an extension called vamX, which makes the whole game simpler for new players. 

What Is vamX? 

Virta Mate is a sandbox game and can be harder for new players to figure out. vamX is an extension that simplifies the game and makes it more straightforward. Rather than having the open sandbox game, this extension allows the user to manipulate the characters into predesigned actions and positions. For example: 

  • Lap dances 
  • Sitting or standing 
  • Accurate arousal 
  • Mood indicators 
  • Specific positions for sexual activities

Rather than downloading individual characters and props, vamX allows the user to choose from pre-installed content. With the help of a singular button, you can change scenes and positions effortlessly. 

How To Install Virt A Mate 

Virt a Mate can be installed in two ways, as a part of the membership and by using Steam. 

If you have a membership, log in to your account and search on the topmost bar for Virt a Mate. Among several options, you will find one that is called “Virt a Mate (fully updated).” Beneath the game poster, you will find a blue button for downloading the game. 

Once the download button is clicked, and the game is downloaded, the download folder will have a file called “VaM_Updater.exe.” Double-click on the VaM updater file. When the folder opens, a green-colored install button that will install the latest Virt a Mate version will pop up. Click Install and let the game download all the files. 

Once the game is downloaded and you wish to change certain default settings, you can double-click on the “VaM (Config).bat file.” A pop-up will open, allowing you to make changes to the default input and graphics settings.

To open the game, click on the file called “VaM (Desktop Mode).bat” or “VaM (OpenVR).bat” based on where you wish to launch the game – computer or VR device. 

On launching, the home screen will show the “everyone” game mode, which is free. If you want to unlock the premium content, click the key that is located at the bottommost part of the screen. 

A pop-up asking for a code will open. Find the code within the folder where you downloaded and saved the game and type it in. When the code is processed, a “Higher” or “Teaser” option will show up on the Home Screen. Just click on it and enjoy your game. 

How To Use The Vam Hub? 

Soon after you open the game, the leftmost option in the main menu will take you to the VaM Hub. The VaM Hub generally lets you install and download special content, like characters, add-ons, scenes, etc., into Virt a Mate. 

Virt a Mate, on its own, is just an open sandbox. To play the game with characters and other features, you will have to install them from the Vam Hub to view and use within the game. 

If you want to download content, first open the VaM Hub from the main page. Within the Hub, there are several ways to filter the add-ons. Some filters include: 

  • Paid or free
  • The creator 
  • Keywords and tags
  • Add-on type

When you select the add-on option, a description page opens up. This page provides the user a summarized description of the add-ons, along with a few screenshots, so the user knows what they’re getting. Aside from that, this page also tells the user the packages and dependencies that they need to use for this particular add-on. 

To download an add-on, click the green download all button to place the file in the library and add it to a scene once downloaded. 

How To Install vamX

vamX can be installed by first opening up the VaM Hub from the home screen. Once the Hub opens up, type “vamX” in the search bar and open up the results. When you find the right file, click the green download all button to install/download vamX to your computer. 

While downloading, you will receive a prompt asking you if you want to approve the loading plugins in vamX.1.5. Make sure you click the option “Always Allow.” If you wish to open the user interface of vamX during a scene, you can click the activation button on the controller. When you’re playing on a PC, you can click on the vamX UI option on the regular menu of the game. 

With the help of the vamX UI interface, the user can automatically get access to several scenes, positions, movements, and poses. It is the easiest and fastest way to get everything going within the game. 

How To Load And Save Game Scenes? 

Once you have everything downloaded and ready to play, you will need to open the Scene Browser from the game’s main menu. The Scene Browser will consist of all the scenes, both custom and default, that you have downloaded for Virt a Mate. A singular scene can be a combination of various elements or assets. Some assets include:

  • Flooring 
  • Characters 
  • Furniture 
  • Lighting 
  • Props 
  • Predefined moves 

Once you decide on a scene and launch it, you can edit all the individual components within the scene. This can be done from the menu on the right corner of your screen. The menu also allows the user to save a scene in the game. 

Though custom scenes are great on their own, it does require a lot of manipulation and planning to play the scenes out smoothly. 

Hand Tracking In Virt A Mate 

When you make use of a virtual desktop to load the game on a Meta Quest, you can use hand tracking without controllers. This allows the user to have the same experience as a hand controller but without the device. To activate the hand tracking in Virt a Mate, go to the input options on the virtual desktop. 

You will find the option of hand tracking, by enabling which, you can mimic the effect of VR controllers. 

Final Words

Virt a Mate is an ideal game for anybody who wishes to fulfill their wildest fantasies. The characters feel more human than humanoids, with precise movements and realistic graphics. It is a great creative tool to mimic adult content with various environments and scenarios the user can choose from. 

VR headsets like the Vive and Oculus make the game feel more immersive with their controllers and trackers. However, if you do not own a VR headset, Virt a Mate also offers a PC version of the game. 

To conclude, the setup of the game is fairly easy. Though it may need certain extensions and add-ons to make the game more interesting, these are all things that can be downloaded and added quickly.

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