Forgot Your Quest 2 PIN? (3 Ways to RESET Oculus PIN)

Oculus PIN Reset Dialog

Trying to change your profile settings or purchase a game for your Quest 2, but Oculus is asking for a PIN? What PIN?!?!?

As a small reminder: the Oculus PIN is a 4-digit code, configured during the initial setup of the headset, which is used to verify your identity and help make purchases in the Oculus (Meta) app store easier and more secure.

If you have forgotten your PIN code then no worries! There are three different ways you can reset the Oculus PIN and continue your VR journey:

Let’s look at each of the methods in more detail and outline a step-by-step tutorial with illustrating images that help you navigate the process with ease!

Reset PIN From Oculus Profile Settings

The most obvious and also the recommended way of resetting your Oculus PIN is using a web browser to log in to your Oculus profile and resetting the PIN from security settings. You also need access to the email account configured for your profile.

Follow these steps to reset Oculus PIN from the Oculus profile settings:

  1. Open your profile on (using a web browser on your PC or phone)
  2. Click Security from the menu on the left

    Reset Quest 2 PIN Step 2 - Click on Security
  1. Next to PIN, click Edit

    Oculus Profile Settings - Edit PIN
  1. Click on Forgot PIN below the Current PIN field

    Forgot Oculus PIN
  1. Click Request PIN Reset

    Request PIN Reset
  1. Click on the link in the PIN Reset email from Oculus

  1. Type in New PIN and click Save

    Reset Your PIN - Type New PIN
  1. Congratulations! Your PIN has been changed.

Note! When I tested this, the email to reset the PIN arrived in a couple of seconds. If you don’t see the email in a couple of minutes, make sure to check the Spam folder!

Reset PIN Using Oculus PC Software

For those that are using their Quest 2 as a PCVR headset, the Oculus PC Software is probably the easiest and quickest way to reset the Oculus PIN if you have forgotten it.

Note! If you haven’t downloaded the Oculus PC software, it is probably not worth downloading it just for the sake of resetting your PIN. In that case, skip the method and use either the first one (Oculus Profile) or the upcoming method (Game purchase).

Here are the steps to reset your PIN using Oculus PC software:

  1. Open Oculus PC Software
  2. Click Settings from the left menu

    Oculus PC Software Settings
  1. Click Oculus PIN from the Account tab

    Reset Oculus PIN from Oculus PC Software
  1. Type New PIN and your Password and click Submit

  1. Check email for a 6-digit verification code, type it in and click Submit

  1. Congratulations! Your Oculus PIN is now updated.

Reset PIN from Game Purchase Screen

This method assumes that you open the Oculus (Meta) app store using a browser on your PC, phone, or tablet. You can’t reset the PIN when you open the app store using the Oculus App on your phone.

Follow these steps to reset your Oculus PIN on the game purchase screen

  1. Open Oculus (Meta) app store
  2. Open a random game
  3. Click on the Price button

  1. Click Forgot PIN

    Forgot Oculus PIN
  1. Enter New Oculus PIN. Type your Password and click Submit

    Reset Oculus PIN from game purchase screen
  2. Congratulations! Your Oculus PIN has now been changed.

And these were all the different methods you can use to change the Oculus PIN code for your account. I hope you found one suitable for your needs and got your PIN successfully changed!

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