9 Best RPG Games for Oculus Quest & Quest 2

Virtual reality, above all, is about escapism and there’s nothing like diving into a deep enriching RPG full of stunning vistas, fantastical creatures and magical forces to shut the world out. If you’re craving for an immersive RPG to unwind with and lose yourself into, you’re in the right place. 

We’ve picked the top RPGs that you need to be playing right now on your Oculus Quest and Quest 2. From thrilling swordplay to forceful sorcery, the RPGs in this list have something to offer to a variety of interests and personal preferences. 

That being said, here are the top RPGs, in no particular order, you can enjoy on your Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headset:

  1. Journey of the Gods
  2. OrbusVR: Reborn
  3. Arcaxer
  4. Ancient Dungeon Beta
  5. Asgard’s Wrath
  6. Skyrim VR
  7. The Mage’s Tale
  8. Karnage Chronicles
  9. Chronos

Let does now look at each of the listings in a bit more detail.

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Best Native RPGs for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2

The RPGs in this section are native games that you can purchase and play on your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 in standalone mode.

1) Journey of the Gods

This stylish action-adventure RPG takes cues from Legend of Zelda and feels right at home with the Quest and Quest 2. Developed by Turtle Rock Games, Journey of the Gods is a single-player adventure that takes you on a monster slaying spree across a variety of gorgeous environments.

Aside from its charming cell shaded visuals, this game arms you with a sword and shield and gives you an expansive playing area to sidestep obstacles or spin around to face multiple enemies when they have you surrounded. You also get to wield a crossbow that comes with its own rewarding gameplay.

But the most impressive aspect of the game is its inventive ‘God mode’ that gives you a top down perspective that lets you manipulate the environment to gain an edge during combat and helps solve puzzles.

More Information: Oculus

2) OrbusVR: Reborn 

Originally released in 2017, OrbusVR was one of the first MMORPGs to hit the VR scene. In 2019, developers Ad Alternum released a new ‘Reborn’ version that added more content with several visual and performance tweaks.

The game is chock full of content letting you adventure a wide-open world as you please. 

While you can go through the game as a single player, OrbusVR: Reborn is best enjoyed with others making dungeon crawling, monster slaying, raids and general open world shenanigans a lot more fun.

More Information: Oculus

3) Arcaxer

This is one of the more exciting RPGs on this list offering turn-based combat, procedurally generated dungeons, and a mix of first and third-person perspectives that work extremely well. The game can be found on App Lab and includes a demo if you want to try it out before buying it.

There are three cool classes to choose from including fighter, thief and mage each with their own unique mechanics. You’ll wade through dungeons in third-person isometric view and when it comes to combat, you’ll quickly shift into an interesting and fun first-person view that lets you take enemies head on.

More Information: Oculus

4) Ancient Dungeon Beta

An exhilarating dungeon crawler, Ancient Dungeon Beta can be downloaded via AppLab. This rogue-lite features randomly generated dungeons littered with traps and enemies that change with the theme of the dungeon.

One of the best aspects of the game is the melee and up close combat, which feels immensely satisfying. As you progress through dungeons there’s tons of gears and upgrades to grind towards and item synergies to discover that can completely change the way you play giving the game tons of replay value.

More Information: Oculus

If you have a decent enough gaming PC, you can access even more exciting RPGs thanks to Oculus Link. Essentially, Oculus Link tells your PC to treat your Quest or Quest 2 as an Oculus Rift.

You can use either the official Oculus Link USB-C or a third-party cable to hook your Quest or Quest 2 to your PC and gain unfettered access to the eye-watering Oculus Rift / Steam library.

5) Asgard’s Wrath

Asgard’s Wrath is not the first VR RPG by any means, but it was the first one to offer a fully-fledged RPG experience on VR and showcased what VR is truly capable of. The narrative, inspired by Norse mythology, puts players in the role of a new god guided by master trickster, Loki. 

With Loki’s aid, you become the God of Animals and get to possess mortal heroes and help them achieve their goals – be it saving giants in Jotunheim or avenging their families.

Throughout the game, you’ll experience thrilling sword combat as you crawl through dungeons and more while solving tricky environmental puzzles all with the backdrop of a meaty narrative.

More Information: Oculus

6) Skyrim VR

No list of RPGs is complete without the ultimate RPG – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After all this time, Skyrim remains one of the most immersive and all-consuming RPGs ever made that feels even better in VR.

The game’s epic scale, fantastic narrative and open world are brought to life in VR in an incredible way that lets you truly lose yourself in the realm of Tamriel.

While the visuals may feel dated, VR offers a brand new way to play this beloved classic. With intuitive controls and customizable settings like “realistic bow aiming”, you get to add a whole new dimension of how you control the game making it feel remarkably immersive.

More Information: Steam

7) The Mage’s Tale

If you’re craving for spell-casting sorcery goodness, then you have to try The Mage’s Tale. This game features a meaty narrative that can keep you occupied for 10+ hours. You take the role of a mage armed with a host of spells that let you shoot fire, electricity, and more. 

Another great aspect of the game is exploration, which is centered around dungeons. You can teleport yourself across a fixed distance to make your way through deep dungeons and discover new spells or enhance the ones already in your spell book. With a lengthy story line and challenging boss battles, The Mage’s Tale is one of the finest RPGs on VR and well worth your time.

More Information: Oculus / Steam

8) Karnage Chronicles

This co-op dungeon crawler takes you and your friends into a fantasy world riddled with ghouls, goblins and other fiendish foes. With action at its core, Karnage Chronicles is immensely fun to play as you hack and slash enemies through maze-like dungeons. 

The environment designs and progression systems ooze quality and make you want to come back for another romp while the boss battles are intense and exhilarating.

Whether you’re playing with strangers or friends, Karnage Chronicles promises action-packed dungeon crawling and is definitely worth checking out.

More Information: Oculus / Steam

9) Chronos

This is a third-person RPG, which sets it apart from the other titles in this list and it’s still just as immersive and gripping as first-person titles thanks to its intriguing story and unique mechanics.

The lore is a standard fantasy premise – you’re a hero quested for slaying a dragon. Along the way, you tackle several puzzles while slaying hordes of enemies and looking for items to upgrade your stats and skills. 

The unique mechanic of the game kicks in each time the player dies. When your character meets an unfortunate end, the game reloads as normal except the character has aged by a year. As you continue to die and age, you’ll notice that items affect stats and skills differently. The more you age, the more expensive strength buffs become and certain skills only become available after you reach a certain age.

This is an overall fantastic RPG that you can relax with and play at your own pace. 

More Information: Oculus

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