How Much Do Quest 2 Games Cost? (Prices for Popular Games)

Are you thinking of buying the Quest 2 but want to know how much you will have to spend on the games on top of the price of the headset? Or do you actually have to spend any money at all?

If these are questions you have on your mind then you have arrived at the right place! In this article, I have gathered a selection of the current most popular Quest 2 games with their respective prices and also included some alternatives to choose from.

The short answer is that most Quest 2 games cost around $15 to $30. You can get some of the more simple (or older) games for less, while certain AAA titles can cost up to $50 or even more. Luckily there is also quite a decent selection of games that you play for free.

Let’s dive deeper into the topic and explore all of the different options and the Quest 2 game prices in more detail!

You Can Play Some Quest 2 Games for Free

Really want to buy the Quest 2 headset but don’t have much (or no) money to spend on the games? Well, I have some good news for you! There’s quite a large selection of different VR games that you can play without spending any money at all.

Excellent free game for the Quest 2 - Gorilla Tag

Here are some of the best FREE Quest 2 VR games for you to try out:

You can get even more recommendations about free games, apps and experiences from this resource, created by the excellent RoadToVR team.

Sideloading Gives You Access to Even More Free Games

If you go ahead and enable developer mode on your Quest 2 headset and install a piece of software called SideQuest either on your phone or your PC, you will get access to a large number of experimental games and also titles that are in development (beta releases, etc)

And don’t you worry! Enabling developer mode and setting up SideQuest is really very simple. Just click on the link for a step-by-step tutorial and you will soon have access to a large number of VR games, many of which are free.

Test out Free Trials

Many of the games in the Quest store also have free trials that you can check out. Although they are meant to simply give you a taste of the actual game, some of them are really enjoyable and can help you decide whether you want to spend the money on a full game or not.

Prices for Popular Quest 2 Games in Quest Store

The table below lists the prices of the current most popular games (combination of most units sold and highest playtime) as reported in the Quest store.

Since these are games that are most bought and played by actual users, it will give a good indication of the amount of money you will likely have to spend on your future game purchases.

Some remarks about the games and prices are included in the table:

  • The table was last updated on august 11, 2022.
  • The prices are given for the US region. Depending on your localization and currency, the prices may be different (even after converting back to USD)
  • Click on the links to view the Quest store original listings and respective prices that currently apply in your region.
  • Make sure to also check out the aggregated statistics (below the table) about the game prices.
2MD: VR Football Unleashed ALL-STARArcade, Simulation, Sports$14.99
Arizona Sunshine®Horror, Shooting$39.99
A Township TaleAdventure, RPG (Role Playing Games), Simulation$9.99
Beat SaberCasual, Music & Rhythm$29.99
Blade & Sorcery: NomadAction, Fighting, Simulation$19.99
Car Mechanic SimulatorCasual, Simulation$19.99
Contractors Action, Shooting$19.99
Cooking Simulator VRSimulation$24.99
Creed: Rise to GloryAction, Fighting, Sports$29.99
Drunkn Bar FightAction, Fighting$16.99
Eleven Table TennisSimulation, Sports$19.99
First Person Tennis – The Real Tennis SimulatorSimulation, Sports$22.99
Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help WantedHorror, Puzzle$29.99
Fruit NinjaArcade, Casual$14.99
Golf 5 eClubSimulation, Social, Sport$19.99
GOLF+Simulation, Sports$29.99
GORNAction, Fighting$19.99
Green Hell VRAction, Adventure, Simulation$29.99
Gun Club VRAction, Shooting, Simulation$19.99
Hand Physics LabCasual, Puzzle, Simulation$9.99
I Expect You To DiePuzzle, Simulation$24.99
I Expect You To Die 2Adventure, Interactive Story, Puzzle$24.99
In Death: UnchainedAction, Shooting$29.99
Job SimulatorCasual, Simulation$19.99
Medal of Honor™: Above and BeyondAction, Interactive Story, Shooting$39.99
Mini Motor Racing XArcade, Racing$14.99
MossAdventure, Puzzle$29.99
Moss: Book IIAction, Adventure, Puzzle$39.99
MystAdventure, Arcade, Puzzle$29.99
OnwardAction, Shooting, Simulation$24.99
Pistol WhipMusic & Rhythm, Shooting$29.99
Please, Don’t Touch AnythingHorror, Puzzle$9.99
POPULATION: ONEAction, Battle Royale, Shooting$29.99
Real VR FishingSocial, Sports$19.99
Red Matter 2Adventure, Interactive Story, Puzzle$29.99
Resident Evil 4Action, Horror$39.99
Richie’s Plank ExperienceArcade, Fighting, Simulation$14.99
Shock TroopsShooting$9.99
Space Pirate Trainer DXArcade, Shooting$24.99
Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s EdgeAction, Adventure$24.99
STRIDEAction, Arcade$14.99
SUPERHOT VRAction, Puzzle, Shooting$24.99
SwarmArcade, Shooting, Social$24.99
The Thrill of the FightFighting, Sports$9.99
Thief Simulator VR: Greenview StreetAdventure, Simulation$19.99
The Climb 2Arcade, Sports$29.99
The Walking Dead: Saints & SinnersAdventure, Horror
The Room VR: A Dark MatterAdventure, Puzzle$29.99
TOTALLY BASEBALLSimulation, Social, Sports$14.99
Trover Saves the UniverseAdventure, Interactive Story$29.99
Vacation SimulatorInteractive Story, Simulation$29.99
Vader Immortal: Episode IAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction$9.99
Vader Immortal: Episode IIAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction$9.99
Vader Immortal: Episode IIIAction, Adventure, Fantasy, Science Fiction$9.99
Walkabout Mini GolfSimulation, Sports$14.99
Warplanes: WW1 FightersArcade, Flying, Simulation$19.99
Zenith: The Last CityAction, Adventure, RPG$29.99
Zero Caliber: ReloadedAction, Shooting, Simulation$24.99

Some Statistics About Quest 2 Game Prices

  • Total number of games in the selection: 58
  • Average Price: $23.37
  • Median Price: $23.99
  • Most games are priced in the $15-$30 range (65.5%), with 25.9% priced lower and 8.6% priced higher (see also the price histogram below)

    Quest 2 Game Prices Histogram
  • The lowest price for the selection of games was $9.99 (8 titles), while the highest price was $39.99 (4 titles)

Quest 2 PC VR Game Prices (Rift Store & Steam)

In the previous sections of the article, I only discussed games that you can play with the Quest 2 used in standalone mode.

What you may or may not have known (depending on how far along you are on your VR journey) is that the Quest 2 can also function as a PC VR headset. In this case, it’s your PC that does all the hard work (rendering the actual game), while the Quest 2 takes care of tracking and acts as a display.

This also means that the games are different and they are installed on your PC rather than the headset. But what about the price?

The Quest 2 PC VR games are in the same price range as standalone games with most titles setting you back about $15 to $30. Simple (and older) games usually cost less while certain AAA titles (e.g Half-Life: Alyx, Boneworks, etc.) can be priced up to $50 and higher.

You can have a look at the different prices for Quest 2 PC VR games from the Rift Store and Steam

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