10 Benefits of Smart Glasses

With technology constantly renewing, it’s easy to get left behind. Scientist, entrepreneurs and engineers are constantly putting in the effort to develop new products and improve previous ones. All with the noble cause of making our lives easier and more convenient (… and to make money, of course).

However, the new innovations can sometimes seem so far-fetched that it is hard for a regular person to identify themselves with. Until they become reality. So here are some facts and useful benefits of smart glasses that you might not have thought about.

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1.   The concept of smart glasses

Smart glasses, much like the smartphone back in the day, are innovative. Compressing all possible elements you need into one lightweight and comfortable device. It is made to complement your life by having access to the endless horizon of the internet, phone calls, music, camera and other useful features.

Picture the idea of going out to for a walk, running some errands or going to work. The only thing you will need outside your home, are a pair of glasses that are so comfortable and intuitively easy to use, that soon enough you will forget about them.

Imagine your life when your shopping list is right before your eyes when you need it. Or the way to the park has live and interactive directions placed right there on the street. You are  allowed to get excited because this is just the beginning.

2.   Entertainment

Entertainment, including VR (virtual reality) games, is accessible at any time with smart glasses. You could let your virtual pet roam free around your home or opt for something more thrilling by chasing villains or creatures around the house. You will never get bored because your home can become your very own virtual playground. There you will create a whole new bunch of memories and adventures exploring the endless possibilities of the VR gaming world.

But gaming is not the only application area. Smart glasses will also help you save on other things like for example, a television. Now you can pull up a chair and watch your favourite films in high definition and in 3D right before your eyes, without ever buying a television (or losing the remote control for that matter).

3.   Success of Smart Glasses for Enterprise Use

By now you may be asking: “Where are smart glasses are already being used if they are so wildly changing lives like this?”.  Truth is, even though not wide spread consumer product (yet), they are getting more and more popular as time goes by.

At this point of time, smart glasses are used more behind the curtains for the things we usually do not think about so much. This includes (but is not limited to) use in warehouses, by doctors, tech support, construction and for GPS navigation.

I have written about some of the specific real life use cases for Google Glass in one of my earlier posts. The truth is, more and more companies are turning their efforts to developing smart glasses. In return, numerous enterprises are integrating smart glasses into their processes and workflow.

4.   Lifelogging

Let’s say you have decided to go for a hike or a holiday somewhere abroad and you want capture and remember every single moment. The solution – consider lifelogging and store all your memories and the sights you have seen by using smart glasses.

Go live to never lose connection with your friends. Or if you are on the other side of the situation and it was your friend sharing their greatest adventures with you – distance would become meaningless if you can see what they are seeing with your connected glasses.

Create continuous and always well positioned shots. Looking back at all those memories you will see exactly how things looked from your perspective.    

5.   Listen to Music Without Unplugging From The World

We’ve all been in situations where someone has had to repeat themselves because you still had your earphones in.  Or when you’ve been riding your bike and spent most of that time being extra wary of other vehicles and road users. All in all, it’s not a good idea at all to commute while suppressing external sounds.

Audio Glasse

However, smart glasses can cover that for you too! You can blast your music and because your tunes being transferred via bone conduction audio frames you will still be able to hear the world around you. Safe and sound.  

6.   Hands-free Concept

Now, I mentioned the hands-free concept before, but allow me to dive deeper and shed some more light as to why and how you will never consider looking back.  Have you ever reached down to your pocket to grab your phone to check the time? And have you ever been so distracted by your phone you forgot to actually look at the time?

Saving you the other trip to your pocket,  smart glasses have all information available at all times. In addition, ever so often we tend to have our hands full already or we are doing something – whether the situation comes when running to work or carrying some shopping bags inside, it’s much easier to just glance at the top corner of your glasses (or head audio instructions) and move on with your day.

7.   Voice Commands

Another thing that greatly contributes to the previous point is voice commands (and search) which are gaining popularity with each year passing.  Talking on the phone hands-free while driving may not be a new thing, but answering the call without lifting a finger is.  

Voice recognition incorporated into smart glasses can enable you to seamlessly schedule events and notifications, control music, get turn-by-turn navigation and search the web. This list is only scratching the surface – the  possibilities are endless.

8.   Personalization

It goes without saying that smart glasses are not all in the same style, shape or size.  Like with regular prescription glasses, the question of appearance (and fashion) will be a critical factor for   smart glasses.

In the future, you can most probably customize your smart glasses to fit precisely what you want and to be exactly right for your needs. If you need to wear prescription glasses to correct your vision, then you can have prescription lenses made for your smart glasses. Or if during the warm seasons you don’t want to leave the house without your sunglasses, you can have tinted glasses installed that would merge with the technology.

9.   Training

Now when was the last time you were at the gym without your headphones? Or when was the last time all you had to wear, was your huge unbreathable headset that covered your whole ear?

Smart glasses might just be the thing, to make your training more focused and also entertaining. Listening to music while getting real-time information about the session and measurements from the sensors connected to the glasses can definitely help with your training experience.

One option that is already available for purchasing today and which I briefly covered in one my previous posts are Level smart glasses.

10.  Facial Recognition

Last but not least – did you know that smart glasses can also include cool security features such as facial recognition? One thing is having your glasses recognize your friends and family from afar – possibly even recap their profile and remind you of their birthday.

However, facial recognition has several more impactful applications. For example, the technology is already used in the military and also by the police forces in China where smart glasses can recognize suspicious citizens and travellers in seconds.

So next time while you are abroad and come upon a police officer wearing smart glasses, know that they might be working together to identify criminals and scan travellers for your safety and the well-being of others.


Like they often say – even though we cannot predict the future, we can still shed some light and imagine about the ways our lives could be changed and improved.

As described in the article, smart glasses have the potential and applicable use cases to make our lives (and work) more efficient and convenient in so many different ways. Technology will keep progressing and it is probably only a matter of time until smart glasses will be a normal part of our everyday lives.

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