Can You Use Oculus Quest 2 With PS5? (Explained)

The PS5 is Sony’s latest vision for what the future of gaming holds. Launched in 2020, there’s no doubt that there are plans to expand the library of VR games available to play. Sony is known for its exclusives, after all.

So, if you’re already a proud owner of the Quest 2, can you use it to play VR games on the PS5?

The short answer is that there is no official way to link your Quest 2 with the PS5. The two consoles are simply incompatible. However, you can still play flat-screen PS5 games on the large VR screen of the Oculus Quest 2 using an emulator or remote play software.

If you are interested in playing flat-screen PS games on your Oculus Quest 2, click on the link jump right to that section of the article.

Why Doesn’t the Quest 2 Work with the PS5?

There’s plenty of reasons why the two would be incompatible.

Firstly, the Oculus Quest 2 was designed as a standalone console. This means that you really only need the Quest 2 headset with controllers to stay immersed in your various virtual realities. No other external hardware is required.

Of course, you can link your Quest 2 to PCVR for a bigger library of games and possibly even a better VR experience. However, ultimately the PCVR experience is just an add-on to the Quest 2.

It would then make sense why the Quest 2 wasn’t designed to be compatible with PlayStation consoles.

Even if we suppose that Facebook made the relevant compatibility adjustments, it’s not like Sony would do the same on their end. They have their own VR headset, after all. 

The first PSVR was a huge hit for its time, and Sony has confirmed the development of its successor, the PSVR 2. Although the original PSVR is compatible with the PS5 using a specific adapter, the new headset is expected to work seamlessly with the PS5. 

Hence, there’s no reason for Sony to lose the amazing members of the VR community to Facebook and PCVR. 

Will the Quest 2 be Compatible with the PS5 in the Future?

Not only was I unable to find an authentic source that confirms this, but it also seems highly unlikely that such news will see the light of day.

As far into the future as my psychic powers can tell, only the VR headsets that Sony produces will be compatible with PlayStation consoles.

Don’t feel bad if you think it’s just your Quest 2 that’s not going to work.

3 Ways to Play PS Games with Oculus Quest 2

If you absolutely want to use your Oculus Quest 2 as a large and immersive screen to play PS games (flat screen, no VR), then luckily there are some options.

1) Using an PS Emulator

There’s an application on the Android store known as “ePSXe for Android”. This is the emulator that basically allows you to run PS software on other platforms – the Quest 2 in our case.

You can download this app for $3.75 on the Google Play Store.

A short checklist for everything you’ll be needing for this method:

Once you have everything you need, follow the steps below:

  1. Find and safely download an emulated version of the game you want to play on your Quest 2. It’s important that the game should come as a “.cue” file once downloaded. A good site to find games is Download APK free online downloader
  2. Connect your Quest 2 to your Android phone.
  3. Launch the Bugjaeger app.
  4. Navigate to the “Packages” menu on the app.
  5. Tap on the plus (+) icon at the top of your screen.
  6. Install the .apk file of the emulator you downloaded onto your Quest 2.
  7.  Navigate to the “Files” menu on the Bugjaeger app and locate where you want to download the game.
  8. Once you have your location, tap on the up arrow icon at the top of your screen.
  9. Patiently wait until you see the game file on your screen in that folder.
  10. Disconnect your Quest 2.
  11. Power up the headset and put it on with tingling excitement.
  12. From the home screen of your Quest 2, click on “Applications” and then “Unknown Sources”
  13. Select the ePSXe emulator file.
  14. Launch your game and enjoy!

If anything was left unclear, you can review the steps from the Youtube video below:

Now that you know the process – which is essentially installing the emulator on, and moving the game file from one source to, the Quest 2, you can try out other emulators too:

2) Sideloading PS Remote Play or Chiaki on your Quest 2

Sideloading continues to prove itself as a must-have skill for Quest 2 owners.

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The android application, PS Remote Play, allows you to “link” your PS5 with your Quest 2 for flat-screen experiences.

You basically install (sideload) the remote play software on your Quest 2 and then use it to remotely stream content from your PS5 to your Quest 2. To read more on the steps for doing this, check out my other article.

If you’ve noticed the headline mentions a second app, brownie points for you!

The second app, Chiaki, works almost exactly like PS Remote Play. It’s just known as the option because the first option has the initials “PS” in it to make it sound more official.

At the risk of shamelessly plugging myself twice, I’ve written about using Chiaki if you run into any problems with PS Remote Play in the same article.

3) Installing PS Remote Play on Your Desktop

The reason things are known as “unofficial” in this article is because there are limited resources utilized by independent developers to make the magic happen. So understandably things won’t always go smoothly.

If you’re having any trouble with PS Remote Play linking working on your Quest 2, it’s time to call in your trusty PC.

You can install PS Remote Play on your computer, and stream it directly to your Quest 2 through Virtual Desktop or Air Link. 

Of course, there are a few requirements and steps you need to follow. If you are interested, then I’ve written all about it in my previous article!

In conclusion, whether you own a PS5 or the Quest 2, the future looks good for you. New games are added to the Quest Store every year. Not just that, but the number of developers working on new titles is increasing too. 

And the PS5 is getting a dedicated VR headset. There’s plenty to look forward to in the realms of VR!

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