10+ Ways to Fix Oculus Quest / Quest 2 Not Charging Issues

Oculus Quest charging properly

So, you own an Oculus Quest / Quest 2 headset and have had a total blast in the world of virtual reality. That is until suddenly your Quest headset is just not charging properly anymore. Bummer!

Various charging problems with the Quest / Quest 2 headsets are unfortunately quite common. Fret not however, because in most cases the issues can be quite easily solved with a bit of troubleshooting. 

This article will guide you through the most common problems and troubleshooting steps to help you get your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 headset back to charging normally in no time.

Let’s get started!

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How To Tell if your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 is Charging 

As a starting point, you will want to understand when your Quest headset is charging properly in the first place. For this, Oculus has compiled a manual, explaining the different meanings of the LED light on your headset.

If your Quest / Quest 2 headset is plugged into a power outlet and shows a solid orange light, the battery is currently charging. Once the light turns into solid green, the battery is fully charged.  When there is no light, the battery is not charging.

Let does now proceed to solving your headset charging problems.


The following troubleshooting steps are the first things to test out if you can power on your Oculus Quest / Quest 2 headset, but it simply will not start charging.

1) Overheated Battery

If you have just finished a gaming session and nothing happens when you plug in your charging cable (no light appears), it just might be the case that the battery of your Quest headset has overheated.

Oculus has implemented a security measurement for this scenario where it disables battery charging when the built-in sensors detect that the device is too hot. Keep in mind that you will not necessarily feel the heat when touching the headset with your hand.

To solve the overheated battery charging issue on your Quest / Quest 2 headset:

  1. Turn off of your headset by holding down the Power button until you see the shut down menu in your headset. 
  2. Select “Power off” from the menu. 
  3. Remove the charging cable from your headset and let it cool down for approximately 15-30 minutes.  
  4. Plug in the charging cable and see if it starts charging after having cooled down.

If an overheated battery is not the root cause of your charging issues, proceed to the next troubleshooting steps.

2) Broken Charging Cable 

If your Oculus Quest headset is not charging all of a sudden, a very common cause for this is a broken charging cable. 

If you have an alternative USB cable lying around, go ahead and test if your headset starts charging with that one.

If you do not have an additional suitable USB Cable present in your home, you can still try the following steps that might help:

  • Switch charging cable sides (the side that was previously connected to your headset now goes to your power adapter)
  • Flip your USB C cable around in the USB port 
  • Slightly bend your cable near the USB connector (which tends to be the most common place where the cable gets broken)

If you switch charging cable sides and flip the cable around in the USB ports, you have a total of four alternative combinations to test out. 

Although, in theory, if your cable is broken.. well then it is broken. However, these steps might just lead you closer to the root cause of the problem (and get the charging working, at least temporarily)

3) Broken Power Adapter / Outlet

If your USB cable is currently connected to the power adapter in a wall outlet, then you might try the following:

  • Use an alternative power adapter (from your smartphone / tablet / notebook, etc)
  • Switch the wall outlet you are using

A sure thing to also test out is to use the USB port on your PC/Notebook or a PowerBank for charging (instead of the power adapter).  And vice-versa if you were previously already connecting your headset to your PC or notebook (be sure to test out several USB ports, not only one)


If you are facing a situation where your Oculus Quest headset is not charging and turning on, you can try the following steps to solve the problem.

1) Hold down the Power Button for 20+ Seconds 

Sometimes the Quest headsets get into a “bad state” for different reasons (no use for a prolonged time, interrupted boot, etc). One possible solution is following:

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Plug in your charging cable. Then press and hold the Oculus power button for 20-30 seconds, which is going to force a hard reboot on your Quest / Quest 2 headset.  

Keep in mind that this is not a “factory reset” and you can be sure that all data will be present on your headset. It might also very well solve both your charging as well as powering on issue with your Quest.

2) Hold the Power and Volume Down Buttons for 20+ seconds

Another thing to try when your Quest / Quest 2 headset won’t charge or turn on is following:

Simultaneously press and hold down the Power and Volume down buttons on your Quest / Quest 2 headset for 20+ seconds. This will launch your device in boot mode. From the Boot menu, select the option to start your device normally

This step is similar to the last one, but people have had different results when doing them and is definitely well worth trying out.

Note! If your Oculus Quest 2 is not powering on at all, make sure to read my previous article on this specific topic, listing several additional ideas to solve the issue.


If your Quest / Quest 2 headset actually starts charging, but does not charge fully (or charges very slowly), here are the most common solutions to the problem.

1)  Turn Off Your Headset Before Charging

This is what I personally always do when I leave my Oculus Quest charging. By researching the topic, I also found out that several people were having “slow charging” issues when not shutting the headset off prior to charging.

So Hold down the Power button until the shutdown menu appears in your headset and power the device off. Then plug in your charging cable and see if it will charge properly.

2) Turn Off the “Auto Wake-up” Functionality

If you want to take a longer break and leave your Quest in standby (sleep) mode while charging, you might want to turn off the “Auto Wake-up” functionality. Auto Wake will turn on your Quest anytime you move the system or it senses something inside the headset. 

This might be problematic if you place any objects on your headset or there is any movement around where your headset is placed. 

To turn off auto wake: Go to Settings in the navigation bar and then press “See All” . In the Device tab, there’s a Power sub-menu. From There, you’ll be able to turn off auto-wake.

As a rule of thumb, I do not recommend leaving your Quest in standby mode for prolonged periods. There are loads of people reporting problems with battery drain when leaving games and apps open when entering standby mode.


Oftentimes people want to extend the battery life of their Quest headset by plugging in the charger or a battery back while playing. After all, the 2-3 hours of battery life you get normally is just not enough for serious gamers!

Keep in mind that while this works in most cases, Oculus discourages charging the Quest headsets while in use due to battery fatigue and long term battery issues.

If you are using your Quest / Quest 2 with an external battery pack or charging cable plugged in and it is not charging while playing, there might be a several reasons for this:

  1. The headset will only start charging once the battery level drops below 80%. This is a battery life optimization method implemented by Oculus.
  2. Oftentimes your Quest will be using more power than the charger can provide for the headset (especially for resource-intensive games). A slow drop in the battery level while playing is mostly considered normal.
  3. If your Quest / Quest 2 stops charging totally while playing, it might very well be the case of an overheated battery (explained earlier in the article)
  4. Several battery backs have an auto turn-off feature when no charge is being used. This might happen while the charge is going from 100% to 80% on your Quest. Just turn your Battery pack back on.

If your Quest / Quest 2 battery charge seems to drop significantly while playing and there doesn’t seem to be a good reason for this, some people have tested and found that factory reset solved the problem.


If you have tried everything and there are still charging issues with your Quest / Quest 2 headset, these are my final reasonings and solutions to you.

1) Broken Charging Port 

Several people have reported after extensive testing, that the root cause for their charging problems was the broken charging port of their Quest / Quest 2 headset.

Although you really can not do much in this case, what might help to identify the issue is by applying pressure on the charging cable near the charging port. E.g but your headset on the table and place a book on there for additional weight.

This might in some cases restore the faulty connection. If it indeed does, you will know where the problem lies. Unfortunately you probably can’t fix it yourself  and will have to contact Oculus Support or your Reseller for further actions.

2) Doing a Factory Reset

I know, you probably don’t want to lose all the game data and go through the trouble of reinstalling your games. However, doing a factory reset on the Quest headsets has solved various mysterious problems for so many people.

It might very well also solve your charging issue with your Quest / Quest 2 headset. The tutorial for doing a factory reset on your headset can be found in Oculus official manuals.

3) Contact Oculus Support

If you have tried everything here and nothing seems to solve the problem, go ahead and contact Oculus Support for help.

I urgently recommend you to be thorough in your problem description and the things you have already tried out yourself to solve the problem. Well hey, you can actually link to this article to speed up the process.

If you are vague in your problem description, you will most probably receive basic recommendations back from the support team and the whole information exchange will just take too much time. 

So, take your time and write a nice thorough problem description for Oculus Support.


No more cables! No more controller battery changes! Just place your Quest 2 and the controllers into the charging dock and you are soon set for another gaming session!

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