Oculus Quest 2 Height Adjustment Tricks (Appear Taller In VR)

The Oculus Quest 2 is often praised for how easy it is to set up and use out of the box. However, one feature people often complain to be missing is the possibility to manually adjust the height of the player.

Update (June 2021): With the release of Oculus v30, you can change your height in the Oculus Quest 2 by going to Experimental Features section of Settings, and turning on “Boost your height” feature. This allows you to raise you view point in games and thus comfortably play games while being seated.

Being unable to change height in the headset setup is most problematic for shorter people (also kids) and individuals with injuries and disabilities who need to sit down (thus appearing shorter in the VR world). 

Maybe it’s the case that you are just tired after a long day of work and specifically want to do some VR gaming while being seated. This, however, makes reaching and interacting with items in certain games significantly harder or even straight-up impossible.

In this article, I am going to give you some tips and tricks about how you can still enjoy VR games with your Oculus Quest 2 if you are shorter or need to play while being seated.

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1) Adjusting Height By Disabling Guardian & Tracking

For this method to work you will need “Developer Mode” enabled on your Oculus Quest 2. Don’t worry, it might seem daunting at first, but it’s really very quick and easy.

Assuming that you have Developer mode enabled, do the following steps to trick the headset into adjusting your game height based on your actual needs.

  1. Stand or sit at the height you plan to be playing
  2. Turn on the headset
  3. Go to “Settings” →  “Developer” and turn off “Guardian”
  4. Go to “Settings” →  “Device” and turn off tracking
  5. Turn tracking back on

By disabling the guardian and then toggling tracking off (which results in 3DoF tracking) causes the headset to readjust your head position (and height).  When you re-enable the tracking in the final step it won’t readjust your height anymore (due to the guardian being turned off).

I personally tested this method playing “Beat Saber” while being seated down and it successfully lowered the blocks to where they usually would be when standing up and I could comfortably enjoy the game.

2) Change Your Height By Tricking The Quest 2 to Lower the Floor Level

This method will make the Quest 2 think you are higher than you actually are by artificially lowering the floor level in the guardian/floor setup.

In order for this method to work, you will need some place that is slightly lower than your actual playing area. For example, if you are on the second floor in your house, then you could use the stairs that go down. If you have a porch in your house, that will probably work as well.

The idea here is that when you are setting up the guardian and more specifically the floor level, go ahead and place one of the controllers to a lower place (compared to your play area). Hold on to the other controller,  move back to your playing area and complete the floor adjustment setup.

Since one of the controllers is placed lower than the actual play area, it will trick the Quest 2 into thinking the floor level is lower than it actually is, thus raising your height in the games. 

Do some testing with this method to find the optimal balance in terms of height and playability for the game you want to enjoy.

3) Making Yourself Higher in VR With The Controller Swing Method

This solution is based on the same objective as the described in the last method. We will be trying to lower the floor level but with a slightly different approach.

Go to the guardian and floor height setup. Now when setting the floor level, take a crouching stance and swing your arms towards (but past) the floor. Be really careful not to hit your controllers against the floor as you actually just need to swing past the ground.

The goal here is for the headset to lose tracking of your controllers when you are near the end of the swing and just about to approach the floor. 

The Oculus Quest 2 uses predictive algorithms and models to estimate where your controllers might be next even when tracking is lost. When the headset loses tracking of your controllers at the right time (in the middle of the swing) it will project that the controllers ended lower than the actual floor level.

The whole process is also explained and described in the following Youtube video:

I tested this out myself and after some initial failed attempts, I was able to successfully trick the headset into lowering the floor level and thus raising my height within games.

Try this method out and see if it will also work for you.

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4) Try Games That Allow Changing Height or Are Suitable For Playing While Seated

Some games are just far more suitable for short people or playing while seated than other games. Oftentimes it’s the nature of the game itself (e.g racing games vs first-person shooters). Some games on the other hand recalibrate your height when loading or let you choose “Seated mode” from the settings.

I have previously written an article about games that are suitable for playing seated.  If you don’t find anything suitable from my list, be sure to also check out the following Reddit threads where people share their preferences and experiences:

You are sure to find examples of games from different genres which are comfortable to play if you are shorter or you need to play while being seated. Test some of them out and see what works best for you,

And that’s it! I hope this article was useful and helps you improve your upcoming VR experiences.


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